Become Neighborhood Landscaper

How to Become the Neighborhood Landscaper Everyone Wants to Use

Are you motivated to make this year the biggest year ever for your landscaping company? Building a client base is essential if you run a landscaping company. Of course, the secret behind building a client base is building relationships. Does your community know you? It is important to become rooted in the community you work in if your goal is long-term success.

Take a look at some smart tips for becoming the landscaper everyone in town knows, trusts and uses.


  • Get Social Online

Social media can be a great tool for any business owner. Landscapers and arborists can use social media to connect with clients and show off their work. There are a few different approaches to using social media to grow your landscaping company. One of the best ways to gain visibility is to look up any town or neighborhood pages on Facebook that might exist for your community. These are pages where people post about happenings in town, ask for recommendations and share hyper-local information. You can post about your business or remind clients that you're available for lawn cleanup after a storm hits.


  • Showcase Your Work at Local Expos and Fairs

There are some fun opportunities to give your company exposure if you live in a tight-knit community. Does your state, town or community host fairs or vendor events? Renting a booth can definitely pay off. Having a presence at local expos and fairs will make your company visible to the people who live in your community. What's more, it will allow you to show off pictures of your work and have face-to-face conversations with potential customers.


  • Sponsor Events and Organizations in Your Community

Sometimes paying it forward can really pay off. That's why it is so important to become active in giving back to the community your business serves. Look for small-scale opportunities to sponsor events and initiatives that help people where you live. This will help to get your name out there as a business owner in your community.


  • Offer a Word-of-Mouth Discount

Offer a Word-of-Mouth DiscountSometimes your customers can be your best advertisement. However, satisfied customers might not even think to sing your praises if you don't give them some incentive. You can get some word-of-mouth buzz going if you offer your long-term customers a certain percentage off for life every time you get a new customer based on one of their referrals. A customer that uses your company pretty frequently will definitely be motivated to spread the good news about your work if they know they can look forward to a long-term discount.


  • Focus on Landing One Really Big Commercial Client

There's nothing wrong with focusing on residential clients. However, you can really boost your profile if you manage to land one big commercial client. Put some serious effort and energy into landing a big account like a hotel, events venue, strip mall or some other well-known spot in your town or city. This will give your company legitimacy and impress potential clients.


  • Get to Know Your Local Real Estate Agents

You should definitely be rubbing elbows with real estate agents in your community if you're looking for some easy and consistent accounts. Real estate agents are in the business of making properties look good. That means that they often rely on landscapers to keep properties in top condition once homeowners have moved on and homes are lingering on the market. It is worth introducing yourself to local real estate agents or offering a special discount to realtors.



  • Use Targeted Marketing

You should take time to really pinpoint the market you want to serve when developing a plan for marketing your landscaping company. Some landscapers can get all the business they need within a 30-mile radius. Others will cross state lines to get a job done. Decide which type of landscaping company you want to run. You should then make sure all of your marketing efforts target the specific region you want to work in. That can mean billboards, newspaper ads, or geographically targeted online advertisements.


  • Do a Mailbox Campaign

Do you want to get a little bit creative with introducing your landscaping business to your neighborhood? You can do a bulk order of small bulbs, seed packets or some other inexpensive gift. The gifts can then be put in gift bags that also feature a small letter introducing your company and letting recipients know that you're available to help them have the best yards ever. The springtime season is the best time of year to do a campaign like this. You don't need to do any research regarding addresses or pay for postage. Simply target a few neighborhoods that you're interested in working in and drop your gift bags into all the mailboxes.


  • Host a Neighborhood Party in Your Yard

The owner of a landscaping company should have the best yard on the block. You can get friendly with your neighbors and drum up business by hosting an annual party every summer that's open to your entire neighborhood. This will give you a chance to get friendly with the people who live around you and show off what you can create by showing your neighbors your yard. Make your party the fun, inviting and over-the-top event everyone in your neighborhood looks forward to every year. You would be surprised by how much business you can get from the people living just a few miles from your home.


  • Turn Your Business into a Neighborhood Business

Becoming the go-to landscaper in your community or neighborhood will take some time. However, every minute you invest in becoming a part of your community will pay off once people begin to consider your business the go-to business for all of their landscaping needs. Always remember that building a locally recognized brand is really about building relationships.


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