High Margin Upsell Ideas for Your Lawn Care Business

Upsell Lawn Care Landscape Business

Starting and growing a lawn care business to the level that you want it to be at is never easy. Knowing what clients need, evaluating the current market conditions, and finding a suitable target market can take patience, determination, research, and effort. Once you find a niche for yourself and start accumulating clients, looking for ways to increase revenue with existing clients is a key to sustainable growth.

Evaluate, Test, & Focus on the Right Market

When starti+ng off, there are a number of things you can do in order to secure efficient and ongoing landscaping contracts, you will need to target the right clients. While this process can take some trial and error, persistence, and good communication skills, it will greatly pay off in the future when ongoing business is coming in. Researching your target market is one of the most important things you can do to expand on your business. You will have to ask yourself a couple of questions:

  • Where are my ideal clients located?
  • What type of services do they want?
  • How many times a year would they want these services?
  • Would the annual seasonal temperature and climate changes affect business?
  • How far in proximity should I be seeking clients?
  • Should I be focusing on high or low-income properties?

High Margin Upsell Ideas

Increasing the revenue of a business is probably the number one goal of most of them out there. And nearly the most efficient way to do this is by selling services or products to clients that you’ve already done business with before. By upselling existing services, you save the time and expense it takes to go find new clients, and create even more ways to satisfy the ones you have.

The key when it comes to upselling is to establish trust with your customers. Providing high-quality services and exceptional customer service from the beginning will help you transition into upselling more easily because people are generally more than happy to buy from someone they know, like and trust.

Here are some proven upsell ideas for a lawn care business that you can start using this season:

Make It Part of the Company Culture

The first thing you need to do is to make the concept of upselling part of your process, and let everyone in the company know. Some people view upselling as a negative, but it is really part of any smart business plan and when you get your team on board with the concept, everything will go much more smoothly.

Offer Discounts for Add-Ons

One way to upsell your customers is to offer add-on services at a discount. As an example, if you are already providing standard lawn mowing, offer to aerate or seed their lawns for 10% off the regular price. This will create the perception that they are getting a deal, which every homeowner loves, and that you are looking out for their best interests when it comes to their landscaping.

Instruct Employees to Take Pictures

Another useful way to do this is by having your employees who are out doing work at the property keep a keen eye on additional things that might be problematic. If you have them take photos or videos of the issues, you can simply send an email to the homeowner afterward and say that they noticed it and offer them additional services to take care of it.

An example of this is if a client is getting regular lawn care services done and your employee doing the work notices that there are a bunch of bushes at the side of their house that are getting out of hand. All the employee has to do is take a quick picture, email that picture to the homeowner later in the day or week, and ask them if they require them trimmed.

Through this method, more revenue is generated, a higher degree of customer service is perceived by the customer, and they will recognize that you take pride in the work being done, which could also lead to referrals. Utilizing this upselling strategy takes barely any time to do since the employee is already onsite, and the worst that can happen is the client refusing additional services.

Keep Your Eyes Open for Opportunities

Paying attention to what is going on in the neighborhood is another way to boost sales and upsell your services. If you are working on a particular house and notice that the lawn on another property looks overgrown or rough, slide a door hanger on their door or a card in their mailbox offering lawn services for a discounted price. You could even let your current clients know that they can receive discounts on their regular services by referring a certain number of properties on their street.

Upselling services will depend a lot on a few different things, and you won’t be able to upsell the same services to every single client. One person’s lawn at a property at one end of town will be completely different from one at the opposite side of the same town. Upselling lawn care services work well for clients who place a high degree of value on their landscaping. The best type of clients that should be targeted is the ones that want to entrust a lawn care business to take full control of their lawn and landscaping needs.

The Arborgold Advantage

Arborgold makes upselling much more convenient and seamless when presenting services to clients. When you go over lawn or landscaping services with potential clients using Arborgold software, they will instantly recognize that your company means business. Proposals, price breakdowns, job details, photos, and work orders can all be generated on-site. When the job is complete, invoices can instantly be sent with the click of a button.

Even though getting a profitable lawn care business off the ground isn’t a simple task, following these guidelines will ensure that a few bumps can be avoided along the way.

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