7 Competitive Advantages of Using Landscape Pricing Software

Arborgold Pricing Software for Landscaping Business

Arborgold Pricing Software for Landscaping BusinessLandscape bidding software and landscape pricing software are quickly becoming a staple in the lawn care industry. For businesses that operate with teams in the field, it is crucial to use a software system that correlates with your business model. At Arborgold, we design software with companies like yours in mind.

If you run a landscaping company and are wondering which software is best for your brand, there are many things to consider. One of the top features to look for in your business platform is pricing and estimating. Here, we have compiled 7 advantages to help you rise above the competition which you obtain through landscape pricing software.

1. Speed Up Bids

The first benefit of investing in landscape bidding software is bid speed and optimization. The tools in place are outfitted specifically for your business model, making it easy to create bids and follow-up. Automated follow-up procedures let you create correspondence through customizable templates, and schedule their delivery following your bid. This competitive edge will keep you in the minds of potential clients and could speed up the bidding process.

The landscaping industry is over a 100-billion-dollars strong in the United States. With so many companies bidding for the same jobs, many get lost in the mix, losing out on the bidding war simply because the client cannot keep track of it all. Your landscape estimating software for Mac and PC ensures you are not just another number on a list of bids.

2. Accurate Estimates Every Time

A huge part of the bidding process is the estimate you offer. Too often landscaping companies are forced to make guesses at crucial moments in a bid, leading to impractical quotes which do not pan out. Using hardscape estimating software, your estimates are based on real information about your staff, equipment, services, and more. This gives you an edge as you offer accurate estimates your clients can trust. If you are one of the many landscaping companies wondering how to bid on a landscaping job, this tool can help.

3. Update Inventory and Supply in Real-Time

Landscape pricing software is more than just a bidding tool, it also helps you manage your employees, services, and supplies. Inventory is a complex process in the landscaping industry as it requires you to maintain tools, large-scale equipment, fuel for that equipment, and living products in your nursery. Your inventory support is accessible in real-time through your business software, letting you see what you have and what you need.

These real-time updates also translate to employee use. Do away with paper login sheets and digitize your inventory in a way which lets you see which employee has borrowed a specific tool, how long they will be using it, and when it returns.

4. Reduce Costs with Access to Third-Party Material Inventory (aka Landscapehub)

With landscape pricing software, you have access to support from various sources. Some landscaping businesses worry about the possible limitations set by working with one software brand, but at Arborgold, we open the doors to third-party material inventory, letting you see data from everything you own and use in your day to day business.

Landscapehub is a great example of a third-party you may want access to through your landscape estimating software. It lets you sell and buy with quality nurseries and other suppliers throughout the lawn care industry.

5. Consistent Pricing from All Sales Reps

Whether you are a single location or a franchise of landscaping businesses, you can count on your landscape estimating software for Mac and PC to keep the numbers consistent across the page. Your customers can count on your sales reps to provide accurate and up to date information on all products and services no matter where they are calling from. This consistency helps with brand management and customer loyalty.

Consistent pricing also makes things easier in the accounting department. With steady numbers for specific services and products, data is better filed for tax time, and your invoices have a higher rate of accuracy.

6. Price for Gross Profit

Determining gross profit is complex, especially when you are offering multiple products and services. Your landscape software takes the stress out of this task by measuring gross profit for you. Gross profit is the amount of money you are earning on any service or product. It is the percentage you gain as a business vs. the percentage you have spent as a business to provide that produce or service. Therefore, gross profit is an important part of any landscaping business model as it allows for realistic cash projections and pricing.

Not only does your software help you price for gross profit, but it lets you price by service type. This simplifies the entire invoicing process and ensures you are always earning.

7. Presentation is Everything

Finally, a huge benefit of your landscape business software is in your presentation. Modern consumers do not just want to hear about what you can do for them, they want to see it. Your software’s design program lets you provide realistic sketches and outlines of future projects so clients can see your work before you do it.

This is a massive advantage when making a bid, as it provides more than a simple price point for the services you are offering. It showcases your design and architecture skills and gives customers a chance to make their landscaping dreams a reality before they commit. When going head to head with various other local landscapers, the ability to visualize a project could be the tipping point in your success.

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