LandscapeHub Arborgold Integration

Arborgold Announces Integration with LandscapeHub

Bloomington, IN | April 24, 2020 | Arborgold is excited to announce our plans to integrate with LandscapeHub.

LandscapeHub Arborgold Integration

LandscapeHub is a digital, wholesale marketplace that connects landscape and nursery buyers on a network of trusted suppliers on one platform.
The integration with LandscapeHub will streamline the process of procuring orders and make it easier for project managers to estimate and acquire materials. The integration will give Arborgold users the ability to search for materials to fulfill their jobs using LandscapHub’s trusted suppliers that have up-to-date inventory and a variety of fulfillment options. LandscapeHub’s network includes suppliers across the country, giving buyers a one-stop-shop experience.

Arborgold and LandscapeHub are working together to strengthen the green industry by providing innovative solutions that help companies improve their overall efficiencies.
To learn more, read the press release from Businesswire.

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