How to Keep Lawn Care Customers Happy

Keep lawn care customers happy

The key to growing your company is to keep lawn care customers happy. You need to establish and build strong relations with your customers.  Typically, during your first two years in business, you will build up your customer base. However, once you have a strong network of clients you must continue to keep your customers satisfied so they continue to use your service. 

Never Let Communications Lag With Your Clients

Just because someone is a regular customer does not mean you should let your communications stall. You need to maintain regular emails, newsletters, and flyers to spur interest and remind your existing clientele that your company is truly the best lawn care business for their many landscaping needs. You do not want to lose a valued client because they see another company’s interesting advertising or promotional and decide to switch services. If you’re using a good CRM, it will make communicating with your clients via email, text, and voice much easier. Client Contact CRM

Social media is a great way to reach out to new and established customers. Form a Facebook page or a Twitter account for your lawn care business and post often with interesting anecdotes. You can share lawn care tips, plant care advice, regional pest information, or other interesting topics. Also, you might want to consider posting photos of various landscapes that your company maintains, customer reviews, and even staff bios.

Maintain Discounts for Established Customers

Everybody likes a deal so don’t be stingy and only offer discounts to new clients. Instead, show your established customers just how much you continue to value their business by providing them with repeat customer discounts.  The cost to keep lawn care customers happy is less expensive than to acquire new customers, so offer discounts to existing clients. 

Discounts don’t have to be on every service you provide, rather you can offer discounts on repeat services, pre-paid services, signing up early etc.

Free Annual Meetings: Help Keep Lawn Care Customers Happy 

Everyone’s landscaping needs change. Many people might want to try something new for their yards. Offering a free annual meeting to discuss your client’s needs and wants is a great way to maintain a strong and personal relationship. You can also use it as a way to push and garner additional services. At the annual meeting, you can tell your existing client about new or different services that you might be offering such as shrub trimming or yard cleanup. Also, during your annual meeting, you should bring samples of plants that you think your client might enjoy having planted in their landscape.

Maintain a Proactive Landscape Stance

Your workers might start to fall into a slump. This is especially true if they regularly visit the same residence. Sometimes they will be too busy and start to overlook dying areas of the grass or even the telltale signs of a lawn fungus. Such things can become significant problems if they are allowed to flourish. Maintaining a proactive service for existing customers is critical to keep lawn care customers happy and maintain their loyalty. If one of your yard workers notices the symptoms of a disorder or some other problem then they should immediately push treatment of the problem before it gets out of hand.

Send out Annual Questionnaires

Sometimes, a customer’s needs or tastes might change as the years pass by. Sending out an annual questionnaire the includes a bevy of questions will give you insight into what your client is thinking or feeling. You can then tailor services to meet their specific needs and great utmost satisfaction.

Possible questions include:

  1. Have you noticed any pest problems in your neighborhood such as deer or rabbits?
  2. What colors would you most like to see in your landscape? Bright hues or soft pastels?
  3. Are there any plants you dislike?
  4. Are there any plants you would like to see in your landscape?
  5. Does any area of your landscape regularly suffer from the wet or soggy soil? Are any areas overly dry?
  6. Do you desire a formal or informal garden?
  7. What landscaping do you like best?

Keeping your lawn care customers happy will not only create a firm foundation for your company but also gain you, additional clients. It is a proven fact that when a consumer is happy with their service then they will recommend the company to their friends and family. Word of mouth is a powerful tool in not only building your landscape business but also keeping it flourishing.

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