Snow Removal Business Made Easy with Amazing Automated Software!

Winter is coming and with that, at least for the snow removal businesses, means that it’s the season to make money! While this may be a highly lucrative time for business of this nature, many times the high volume demand can become a nightmare.

That’s why it is necessary to have your back end organization run flawlessly in order to maximize profits and reduce costs by minimizing errors. In order to achieve this, a digital solution will essentially take care of all your future worries in relation to scheduling, managing high volume work orders and much more.

It is snow removal business made easy by the incredible power of designer software!

What can this software do?

These days we rely heavily on software. It’s fully integrated into our lives from messaging, mailing, sending important documents and files and much more. We can now run our entire lives from our mobile phones and with this, our offices too.

The concept “Software as a Service (SaaS)” has taken off in modern business over the past few years. Essentially, you automate certain tasks, which allows you to focus on other more important areas of your business, like actually getting the job done.

This service is hooked up to a cloud meaning that everybody within your organization is connected. Whenever a new work order is obtained and entered into the system, each department of your business will know what they “need to know”.

The software communicates the necessary relative information from dispatch to the project location. All relative financial information is automatically logged and sent off to the corresponding destinations and even a follow up email could be sent to the client thanking him for his business.

All of this without the involvement of anyone. The software works round the clock without taking breaks and without making mistakes. Eliminate double entries, lagged communication within your organization.

Snow Removal Business Software in Action

Imagine someone calls your office and requests your service. Your sales rep finishes the call and charges the amount to the client. After the sales rep enters the information into the system (which is integrated into your company), the software takes over:

  • It sends a “Thank you Email/Message to your Client for his/her business”
  • It prompts road crews that an order has been made
  • It provides a GPS map to the location
  • It sends the invoice to the client
  • It logs the billing information and stores it for easy access
  • It sends an email to sales rep reminding of any follow ups
  • It logs the email of the client and requests if he/she wants to be part of your mailing list
  • …and much more!

Arborgold in 60 Seconds

As you can see, this kind of software will supercharge your business. It will give you the administrative powers you need to keep up with high volume business. Never lose a client again due to sloppy admin work. Stop spending days sifting through fiscal information when everything can be stored for instant access right from your phone.

This year, when the snow begins to fall and people are calling your snow removal business, be sure to have your software in place to take your business to the next level.

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