Automated Follow-Up on Proposals means closing more sales.

In theory, it’s what everyone wants for their business. The hard part is putting automated follow-up into practice. If you ever wanted to know just how much money you may be leaving on the table when you DON’T consistently follow-up on your bids, here’s a quick video with some facts and figures that will blow your mind.

Improve your close ratio without more work.

What if you could close more sales without investing any extra time or effort… Seems impossible, right? But it’s actually not when you do the math.

Let’s say for example you follow-up on each proposal one or two times.
You currently do about $2 million a year on proposals and you close about 50%.
That’s about $1 million a year in sales.

Pretty Good but you can do even better.

Did you know that you can close up to 81% more sales by consistently following up with prospects at least 5 times? That means you could close 81% of the 50% you’re not closing today!

What does that mean in real dollars? You’re earning close to $810,000 in additional revenue per year!

Pretty exciting right?

How to find the time to do that much follow up?

Actually… You don’t have to.

With Arborgold’s automated follow up system, you can nurture and educate your prospects with perfectly timed and personalized emails designed to educate your prospects on why your company is the best.

And why they should choose you over the competition.

How it works

One of your follow up steps could be a task reminder directed to the salesperson to call the prospect and personally follow up. With Arborgold, once your customer approves the proposal, they’ll automatically receive a thank you email.

One of your follow up steps could be to send an personalized email to “check in” and find out where they are on the decision process. Not every email needs to be created from scratch. A simple three or four line email will do.  That way you’re free to continue forward with demos and other important bidding exercises that generate more opportunities.


How often do you send a thank you email to a customer when they accept your proposal? With Arborgold’s automated marketing and salesforce automation features, this can be done for you, the moment your prospect accepts your proposal.

All this and you’re not doing anything different than you’re currently doing. The ONLY difference is, you’re closing more sales.

Ready to see Arborgold’s automated follow-up marketing features? Take a tour, schedule a personal walkthrough, or review our pricing and plans to get started.

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