Services Lawn Care Companies Should Offer in the Off-Season

Lawn Care Services Offer In Off Season
Lawn Care Services Offer In Off Season

In some states, lawn care is an ongoing process from Fall to Summer. In other states, however, four distinct seasons make it difficult to maintain income on landscaping alone. When the cold weather hits, there are a variety of other services to offer to your customers to keep your company thriving.

At Arborgold, we design and distribute software with a focus on companies in the field. Providing software to help you meet your needs and streamline revenue is what we love to do. Being part of the landscaping industry for so long, we have seen many companies switch focus and find success throughout the offseason. As you go about adding new services to your website, be sure to include the multiple services label on Google Business and Yelp.

Here are some ideas of additional services to get involved in when landscaping is no longer on the minds of local residents and commercial property owners:

Snow Removal

Snow removal is a massive untapped market space for many landscaping companies. When the snow falls, the landscaping equipment gets packed up, but your clients still need help maintaining their properties, just in a different way. Snow removal allows you to keep your name in the game throughout the down season and create a new stream of revenue to make ends meet.

There are many forms of snow removal, and commercial companies will be looking for businesses that can take on unique tasks. For example, many commercial spaces are built with flat rooves. This becomes a bit of a problem in the winter and may require special snow removal to keep roofs from taking on too much weight. Similarly, these companies with their overly large parking lots require fast and frequent snow removal, which is great if you are a landscaping company with a fleet of trucks all ready to roll out with plow attachments in place. Arborgold provides snow removal software with benefits specific to this new service.

Pest Control

Another niche that sees workloads increase during the cold season is pest control. Insects, rodents, and other pests find their way into homes, sheds, and garages during the icy season to escape the cold weather. These unwanted visitors need to be safely disposed of, and there is definitely a potential source of income here if you have the skills and drive to get involved.

Pest control requires special tools,  training, and software so, if this is an area of interest, you should begin training employees and making a name for yourself during the spring and summer season, so locals can call on you when pest control becomes necessary.

Hardscape Installation and/or Repair

Some landscaping companies focus on hardscape from the beginning. Others focus more on softscape such as lawn care, gardening, and hedge trimming. Hardscape, as the name suggests, involves the development and maintenance of hard external features, such as decks, patios, retaining walls, fences, and planter beds. Before the snow hits, but after the flower gardens have lost their bloom is a great time to begin putting in these features for the following busy season.

Many residential and commercial property owners do not want large jobs going on during peak garden season, as it takes away from the external property during its best time for display. Taking on these big building jobs later in the season ensures less chaos and mess when your clients want their properties to look their best.

Gutter Cleaning and Leaf Removal

The autumn season is beautiful, but a hassle for home and business owners. All that falling debris lands in gutters and makes roof drainage a nightmare. For landscaping companies looking for extra jobs in the offseason, leaf removal and gutter cleaning can be a gold mine.

Gutter cleaning is something most homeowners can do themselves, but do not because it is a dangerous and time-consuming job. It also requires the use of ladders and safety equipment. Fortunately, these are things most landscaping companies already have in spades. Take advantage of the fall season by offering your clients gutter cleaning.

Holiday Lights

During the winter season, lawn care may not be a top priority for most homeowners, but that does not mean their love of external aesthetics goes out the window. Holiday lights are a huge part of this season but are time and labor intensive to install.

Offering light hanging and holiday decorating could land you some great contracts, not only with residents but with commercial and government connections as well. From the local shopping mall to the town square, there are plenty of places that use holiday lights and need someone with the skills and tools to hang them.

Trash Removal

There has been a recent trend in organizing and decluttering across America, and much of this process happens in the landscaping offseason. With fewer outdoor activities to pursue, many Americans take to cleaning the garage, basement, attic, and storage spaces with nowhere to put all the clutter they want to get rid of. Offering trash and junk removal services give you purpose during the offseason and provide a helpful service to your regular clients.

Offering bin drop off and pickup, transportation, and labour are all ways to include trash removal to your service list. Trash removal does not have to be the dirty job you are likely picturing. In many cases, it could involve taking away recyclables, donation bags, or even yard supplies like old fencing.

Yard Cleanups

Finally, it is not just the inside of homes that get cleaned up before the winter weather hits. Homeowners also need yard cleanup, before and after the winter season. Clearing properties of debris, ensuring all trees are trimmed and safe to withstand winter winds, and various other tasks take priority at this time of year, and your customers will be thankful you are offering this service when the time comes.

You can find new customers for lawn cleanups, trash removal and other new services by monitoring social feeds like Facebook and Craigslist.

Invest in the Best Landscaping Software

Creating a Work Schedule for Mobile Employees

Not all business software is made equal and Arborgold takes care to provide QR code work orders for multiple scheduling options over a variety of niche industries, including snow plowing and other offseason services.

For more information on Arborgold field service software, we invite you to Take a Tour. Click here to see what Arborgold is all about and select the best software for your business.

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