Employee Time Tracking Apps

Increase Profits and Reduce Costs with Employee Time Tracking Apps

There are many reasons companies are choosing to opt for employee time tracking apps for their employees. Tracking time is a great way to boost productivity to increase profits, while also reducing costs due to a streamlined digital process.

Employee time tracking apps are a great way to help keep track of all the little tasks that get done in a day. Whether your employees run big or small projects, they are likely still managing a ton of things in the span of a 40 hour work week. Whether it’s emailing clients, doing hands-on work, filling out paperwork, or having a meeting, it’s good to have an overview of what activities are being done and how long they take.

Here are some of the main benefits of using an employee time tracking apps.

Increased productivity = increased profits

The idea of knowing what your employees are doing and how long it’s taking them to do them means that you can get a better idea of how your employees are spending their time. If you notice that your employees are bogged down by paperwork rather than focusing on clients, then you can talk to your employees about that and understand what the roadblock is.

Maybe it’s software that needs to be upgraded or a process that is outdated. If you know, you can free up that time and your employees can focus on more productive tasks.

By knowing what tasks turn a profit, you can monitor how long employees are spending time on those tasks and track the performance. If you find that employees are more successful when they spend a certain amount of time calling clients, then you can better outline what a day should look like for your staff. This way, you can set goals and clear expectations to boost productivity and profits.

Using technology to your benefit

One great thing about an employee time tracking app is that they have the technology to give you all of the information you need to run your business smoothly and optimize performance. You can set up the app to have geolocation for employee check-ins, so you can have peace of mind that your team is where they need to be at the right times.

Apps also track trends and provide reporting, allowing you to not just understand how time is spent and costs, but also justify things like hiring or purchasing a product to help employee efficiency.

Cut costs with employee time tracking apps

Using an app to track employee’s time means that everything is automated and you can save money when it comes to payroll. Not only that, but you’re overall ability to understand what is happening with your business and able to streamline processes, projects, and assign tasks accordingly to the right employees. This saves a ton of money, meaning no employee time is wasted and you can optimize the workload.

You can also keep track of problems and cut expenses when you issues that arise. Your time tracking app will show trends, allowing you to be informed when it comes time to make purchase decisions or cut costs.

Employee Accountability

Time tracking keeps your employees accountable in a good way. Employees might be hesitant at first, but let them know that a time tracking app allows them to better manage their time and be accountable for all the things they do in a day.

Allowing your employees to have a full view of their time and how it’s spent also means that they’ll be better able to manage their time off. They will be able to feel in control of their schedule, having a full view of their time and know how to manage it effectively if they want time off or have an appointment. As well, time tracking apps help decrease unplanned absences. When an employee is accountable for their time, they are less likely to take unplanned time off unless necessary. By having your employees accountable, they feel a sense of ownership.

Lastly, thanks to having a record of time tracking, you can also have productive conversations with employees about their performance should any issues arise. This allows you to actually go through any issues with details, times, and locations giving your employee the opportunity to discuss things openly with you, leading to better performance.

Is a time tracking app right for your company?

Employee time tracking apps work across all industries. Whether your team is big or small or as simple or complex daily tasks, time tracking is a great way to optimize processes, increase performance, and overall cut costs and increase profits by having better tracking and data.

There is never a wrong answer when it comes to leveraging technology to better manage your business and your team. Having more insights allows you to be effective in business, and also as a leader. Check out Arborgold's Mobile Crew app that offers an integrated employee time tracking. Arborgold's Mobile Crew app is available for Android and IOS.