Three Ways To Use Scheduling Software To Grow Your Tree Care Business

Three Ways To Use Scheduling Software To Grow Your Tree Care Business

If it’s not broken, why fix it? That’s what many tree care businesses think about their processes and how they run the day-to-day operations of their company. While it’s true that your business may be running smoothly, have you stopped and wondered what you could be doing better to grow your business and increase revenue?

There are always ways to optimize your business, especially when you are in the tree care industry. It’s much like going on a diet – a few small changes can make the world of a difference. With specific scheduling software, such as Arborgold, you can better understand your business, optimize your work streams, and create a more efficient way of handling operations.

Here are three ways you can grow your tree care business with scheduling software:

Assign territories

Using the assign territories tool, you can assign specific users (aka employees) to specific areas in the city in which you service. This means that your system can find jobs close to those users when scheduling, saving drive time, gas, and ensuring a quicker response rate for customers. Time is money, especially when it comes to getting an employee out to a customer to deal with a tree related issue. Especially if it’s an emergency call, you want your fleet getting there within the hour (or even sooner).

With assign territories, you can increase your response rate, cut down on expenses, and create an overall better, more efficient flow to save time and earn new business.

Better route scheduling

When you use scheduling software, it takes all of the guess work from scheduling routes and jobs in order to cut down on gas and drive time. No more analyzing Google Maps or taking unnecessary detours, your scheduling software will map out the right jobs in the right place to create efficient routes. Your business makes more money the less time your employees are on the road, and the more time they are in the field helping customers. It’s that simple. Inefficient routes can really cut into your expenses, much like sneaking that donut after supper when you aren’t tracking your diet!

Proper checks and balances

Lastly, scheduling software tracks absolutely everything. This means that every single job gets scheduled and billed on time with a few simple clicks. You no longer have to wait for billing or have your team get back to the office after a long day and submit invoices to go out. You can cut back on all of that and simply email a bill to a customer in the field.

Once the job is done, the scheduling software will automatically know and a bill goes out to get paid. You can then keep track of all schedules and invoices, so you can better track payments.

Knowledge is power when growing your tree care business

The best part about using scheduling software is that you can better manage efficiencies and have better tracking on all parts of your fleet. You can know where your employees are, where they’re driving, and how long it’s taking them to finish a job. This way, you can identify any inefficiencies and correct them so that you can continue to grow your business and not lose money due to bad routes, late bills, or wasted gas and time.

Scheduling software does a lot of the day-to-day operations for you, and it will free up your time (and your employees time) to focus on things like providing an excellent customer experience and earning new customers.

Talk to an Arborgold representative today and schedule your demo or free trial to see how scheduling software can help your business.

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