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TCIA Arborgold

The Tree Care Industry Association, or TCIA, is a unique organization that supports businesses in the tree care industry. This industry is vitally important to the sustainability of the planet. While roughly 50-80% of the oxygen on our planet comes from ocean life, the remaining oxygen is produced primarily by trees. For urban, suburban, and even rural districts, the introduction and proper maintenance of trees and plants play a huge role in the wellbeing of our communities and our planet.

As a leader in the tree and lawn care industry, Arborgold strives to follow standards and procedures set down by the TCIA and helps our clients do the same by developing software and tools to support you.

How Does the TCIA Work?

The Tree Care Industry Association helps landscaping and tree care companies through the provision of tree care standards, training, and education. This includes safety protocols, as well as professional seminars and conferences.

The TCIA began its quest to improve plant care businesses as early as 1938 when they began their work the creation and evolution of guidelines and standards within commercial tree care. The educational tools they design not only help tree care businesses but also created legislation for government officials to better regulate these jobs. They also educate customers on maintaining their plant life.  

Improving Your Landscaping and Tree Care Business with TCIA

For “in the field” businesses like lawn care and tree care specialists, the road to success is not paved with the same supports as big-box businesses and fortune 500 companies. There are fewer conferences, hotlines, and mentorships available, or there were before the TCIA came to be. Now, there is consistency in the field, with a greater level of communication between companies, and regulation of products and maintenance methods.

The TCIA is not a single organization, but rather a network of arbor experts, advisers, and authorities in the industry. This offers communication not only between businesses and the TCIA but also through government officials and lawmakers, to help encourage proper protocols and the creation of rules and guidelines within the community.

Why Does Landscaping and Tree Care Require Regulation?

In this industry, specialists work with a wide variety of tools, chemicals, and plant variations. Large equipment like tractors and even chain saws are used in the management and maintenance of tree care; this requires safety training and education. Similarly, chemicals used to grow, nourish, and deter insects could have side effects on humans and other plant life. Thus, there is a need within this industry to regulate the chemicals being used and ensure they are safe for public spaces. Finally, not all plant life is safe for commercial properties and gardens. There are plants that pose a risk to humans and pets, and there are some species of trees that are more susceptible to disease and infestation that could spread to other wildlife in the area. All these reasons increase the need for organizations like the TCIA to step in and regulate the tree care industry.

Solidarity in Tree Care

The TCIA stands as a symbol of unity within the tree care community. While it offers support to local tree care professionals around the country, it also works as a jumping-off point and standard for tree care knowledge. For those new to the industry, small landscaping companies and start-ups, the TCIA plays a big role in the accumulation of information and resources.

The tree care industry has evolved from a small single-celled organism of a business model into a vast and multi-dimensional being. There was a time when tree care businesses were small setups with just a few manageable staff. Now, there are many large-scale tree care businesses with multi-million-dollar incomes and hundreds of staff members. The TCIA was part of this growth, encouraging small businesses to grow, and creating a foundation on which they felt supported.

All tree care companies, big or small, draw inspiration and support from the TCIA in one way or another. Getting involved early provides a greater chance for success later, and connects you to a large network of likeminded individuals and organizations in the industry.

Arborgold and TCIA

Arborgold is a proud supporter of the Tree Care Industry Association. Having worked with the TCIA for more than 2-decades, we have seen the massive accomplishment this organization has made in our industry over the past 20-years.

Our very first trade show with the TCIA took place in 1994. Watching this amazing industry grow and evolve has been an honor, and we recognized this more and more with each passing trade show we attend. Arborgold supports the TCIA and advertises with the TCIA monthly trade magazine in the hopes of reaching out to more businesses within the tree care industry.

Working within the tree and lawn care niche, we understand how unique this industry is. There is nothing quite like it, and thus it requires a bespoke set of supports. This urged us to develop our all in one business management software.

Arborgold software includes a CRM and automation process specific to our industry. To maintain staff in the field, monitor equipment, keep tabs on inventory, send invoices, communicate with staff, and e-mail clients, the Arborgold CRM puts you in the driver’s seat. Our goal is to reduce time and money waste and improve efficiency and communication within your business model. This helps increase brand awareness and keeps your customers informed.

Contact Arborgold for More Information

If you are a member of the tree care community and are looking for more information on useful tools and supports for your business, we can help. Our connection with the TCIA makes Arborgold a perfect place to begin your journey into the plant and lawn care industry.

Whether you are looking for ways to earn more, save time, or improve employee and management communication, Arborgold software has the tools you need to get started. To learn more about us or see what other benefits our software offers we invite you to contact us, and take a tour.

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