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3 Ways to Increase Revenue With Plant Health Care Treatments

As a landscape business owner, one of the best ways to drive sales is to increase revenue with plant health care treatments.  However, many struggle to think of new ways to not only bring in more clients but also secure stable earnings. Plant health care treatments are an often overlooked avenue of landscaping that often offers a high financial return. According to the ISA (International Society of Arboriculture) plant health care is an integral part of the overall maintenance of your customers' property. 

Many landscape business owners are only focusing on yard maintenance such as mowing, edging, and leaf removal. They are missing a gold mine in possible revenue by not offering plant care treatments and pruning services. Establishing clients who are willing to sign a maintenance agreement for yearly plant care treatments is guaranteed to bring in steady funds to your business. 

Here are three ways to increase revenue with plant health care treatments

Pesticides and Fungicide Applications

If you're using plant health care software, you most likely have a tree inventory that shows all of the trees their clients have on their various properties. Certain trees require regular applications of pesticides and fungicides to maintain their health and appearance.

Elm trees are a prime example of high-care trees that must undergo regular health care treatments to fight off Dutch Elm disease. Fruit trees usually need applications of pesticides to create a robust harvest and not fall prey to voracious pests. Also, not just trees require protection from insects but so do shrubs.

You can offer services to control a wide array of pests such as aphids, black vine weevils, caterpillars, webworms and beetles which all regularly plague ornamental shrubs and can quickly make any landscape look horrible.

Chemical Treatment and Pruning Maintenance Plans

Build a complete chemical treatment maintenance plan based on your database results. Make the treatment plan easy to Plant Health Care for Treesunderstand so you can give it to clients and explain exactly why their trees require care to continue to flourish and not fall prey to pests or disease. You can also include information on yearly pruning which is another viable way to bring in extra revenue.

You can also increase revenue with plant health care treatments by  setting up a yearly maintenance plan with your clients. For a set fee, you will treat their plants and trees throughout the year to keep them healthy and looking their best. You can also include pruning options for fall, spring, and summer.

Present Brochures and Pamphlets

Brochures and pamphlets are proven ways to convince clients of the need for key services and push your business’s ideals. When you meet with established and new clients always provide them with a pamphlet or brochure that explains all of the reasons why their trees require treatments to stay healthy. The information can include aspects on preventative care. You should also include information that shows why consistent care on a regular bases saves the clients money by cutting out replacement costs.

Any landscape business can increase revenue with plant care treatments and pruning services if they do their research and aggressively sell the idea to their clients. Such services and maintenance plans can be a yearly gold mine. Ideally, your company’s monthly lawn care service should focus on all aspects of landscape care such as the lawn, shrubs, and trees. You will simply need to show your clients how critical is it is that they subscribe to a full maintenance plant care regime to keep their gardens looking pristine.