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What Does the Best Landscaping Software Look Like?

What is the best landscaping software? Why Arborgold is the best—and only—landscape software you’ll ever need for your business.

Choosing the best landscaping software is about more than just estimating projects or tracking customers. Your landscaping software should connect the different components of your landscape business to simplify tracking, streamline & automate processes, and generate data and reports that help increase the health and profitability of your company.

Don’t make the mistake of seeing landscape software as only a means to solve one or two basic landscape business problems, such as scheduling or contact management. Instead, you should look at landscape software as a way to run your business more efficiently and strategically.

Think about it like this: the best landscape software is like having an extremely experienced Chief Operations Officer (COO) helping organize your business processes to improve the efficiency of your company, increase profitability, and accelerate business growth while making your job easier.


7 Qualities of the Best Landscaping Software

The best landscaping software not only takes care of the “must do’s” of your landscaping business, it also helps you run a more informed and effective business. Here are some of the qualities of the best landscape software and how it can help to improve your landscape business:

  1. Improve the bidding & approval process by offering simple to use, mobile bid creation (including CAD drawings) to submit and approve quotes on-site. This helps get bids into your client’s hands faster and improve your chances of landing the job.
  2. Provide more accurate job costing. Any CFO will tell you that inaccurate job costing is one of the mistakes service companies make that reduces profitability. The best landscape software offers job costing tools that simplify the process and make costing more consistent and accurate.
  3. Simplify & streamline business management for more scalable growth by connecting integral parts of your business such as job management and accounting or resource management and scheduling for increased efficiency & reduced risk of details falling through the cracks.
  4. Automate business processes such as marketing or recurring service scheduling so you can concentrate more of your attention on what you do best.
  5. Integrate QuickBooks for better tracking and reporting and simplified invoice management.
  6. Increase sales & accelerate growth by simplifying bid creation and approval, automating lead or proposal follow-up, sending special offers or promotions, upselling existing clients, and more.
  7. Improve profits through more strategic scheduling and resource management and by improving business intelligence through better reporting.

When a landscaping software becomes a strategic business decision, it empowers you to accelerate sustainable growth in your landscaping business.


Why Arborgold is the Best Landscaping Software

Arborgold in conjunction with its mobile estimating and crew management apps is the best landscaping software for small to large landscape, tree care, or lawn care businesses. This is because it is an all-in-one software that centralizes all of your business needs into a single platform. This helps to make your landscape company more efficient while landing more jobs and improving profitability.


1 – Simplifies Strategic Scheduling

In the landscape industry, strategic scheduling not only determines your ability to service customers, it also impacts your efficiency, revenue, and profitability. Arborgold landscape software was designed specifically for the landscape industry to help you manage a strategic, more efficient schedule with less work.

Arborgold makes scheduling easier and more effective for your business by providing:work scheduling in arborgold

  • Smart Routing
  • Visual Mapping
  • Recurring Service Scheduling
  • Successor Service Scheduling
  • Job/Work Order Management
  • Employee/Labor Assignment
  • Inventory & Equipment Assignment
  • And More


2 – Supports Your Sales & Marketing Efforts

When most people think of a landscaping software, they envision a tool that helps with landscape design, contact management, and scheduling. However, the best landscaping software also includes tools that support sales and marketing to increase sales.

Arborgold landscape software helps to improve sales and marketing by providing:

  • Proposal/Bid Generation
  • CAD Drawing Tool
  • Integrated Appointment Calendar
  • Automated Responses to Web Inquiries
  • Automated Email Marketing
  • Integrated Client Text Messaging
  • Voice Message Marketing


3 – Improves Business Intelligence

As the leader of your landscape company, it’s important for you to have the information you need to drive business decisions. The best landscaping software will help you track the daily progress of your crews as they move from site to site, analyze job costing and profitability, view your pipeline and close ratios, look over workflow reports, and view other key metrics that help you make informed business decisions.

Arborgold has improves business intelligence gatheringWith Arborgold landscaping software, you’ll have access to:

  • Open Proposals/Bids
  • Job Status
  • Sales Pipeline
  • Close Ratio Reports
  • Crew Productivity Reports
  • Job Costing
  • Workflow Manager
  • Sales/Commission Reports
  • Labor Hours
  • Key Metrics
  • And More


Final Thoughts: Why Choosing the Best Landscaping Software is Important

If you’re a landscape professional looking for the best landscaping software, then you know it takes more than a contact list and an estimate template to land a job. You also need a tool that manages resource scheduling, provides accounting and job status data, and offers reporting tools to help you keep a pulse on your business.

However, the best landscaping software does more than aid in simple project management tasks. Its tools help your company run more efficiently and profitably while providing you with business intelligence data to make more informed decisions about your company.

The best landscaping software will use tools that:

  • Improve business efficiency
  • Increase job profitability
  • Increase close rate
  • Maximize existing resources
  • Analyze existing operations to reveal areas of improvement


Why Choose Arborgold Landscaping Software?

Arborgold was designed by industry experts with in-the-trenches experience managing tree, lawn, and landscape businesses. Unlike many other software platforms available to landscapers that are actually fragmentations of a general business management software, Arborgold was designed first and foremost for the landscaping industry.

To take a virtual tour of Arborgold now, click “take a tour” below.


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