Tips for Tracking Tree Growth, Health, & Inventory

Tips for Tracking Tree Growth
Tips for Tracking Tree Growth

Any company in the plant health care and distribution industry understands the importance of tracking inventory and growth. Not only does it provide important information for future projects and sales, but it helps businesses account for the loss of product, potential causes of plant illness, and other issues that may arise.

Maintaining the health of large quantities of plant life is time-consuming. Taking stock of what you have early and maintaining up to date information within those files is critical to the success of your business.

Nursery inventory management can seem daunting at first. While maintaining a physical copy of this information is important, inventory and plant health care software help streamline and simplify the process.

At Arborgold, we work closely with plant care and landscaping companies to ensure tree growth and inventory is consistently reported. Here, we’ve compiled a list of helpful tips to keep your plant data on track.

Get Organized and Clean House

Before you begin building a working list of products, trees, plants, and current contracted customers, you might want to consider organizing and cleaning house. For businesses that don’t have some sort of unified inventory management in place, cleaning out all the old products and wasted plant life from your warehouses, greenhouses, and growing locations is key.

Organizing each area by species and product will also reduce mislabeling and incorrect inventory counts in the future as well. It takes a bit of time but delegating the job to a few members of your staff and breaking it down into sections makes the task move quickly.

Many experts recommend front-facing stock on shelves, clearing brush and debris from worksite floors, and labeling crops with appropriate names, ages, and prices for later inventory and distribution.

Maintain a Tight Grasp on Scheduling and Staff

Your plant inventory and health often rely on the efficiency and active reporting of staff. Keeping your team on track while in the field is a huge job within itself. It vastly impacts your inventory and plant health as well, because long trips in a hot truck can be detrimental to flora. At Arborgold, our scheduling software helps by:

  • Keeping you and your team connected.
  • Allowing management to see arrival and departure from worksites in real-time.
  • Sharing GPS information.
  • Reporting inventory as it increases or diminishes during a job.

Scheduling software also provides a thorough record of who is available, who is on a job, and who is off for the day. This allows you to monitor your team every step of the way.

Track Products, Usage, and Disposal

High volume jobs make it difficult to maintain records of product use, which is detrimental to a business. When you don’t know what you’re using, you don’t know how much you need, and you could order too much or too little. This wastes money, time, and supplies. To track products in real-time, Arborgold supplies the tools to:

  • Maintain inventory on what is currently on shelves.
  • Track how much is used at each job site.
  • Account for how much is being wasted.

There’s also chemical management to consider. In North America, each state and province have their own unique laws regarding the use and disposal of chemicals. The Arborgold tracking system takes care of the heavy lifting when it comes to monitoring your product usage. All you need to do is input the initial numbers and update them as you use it. Reports help you monitor current numbers and plan your next order accordingly.

Get Detailed with Your Plant and Tree Inventory

It takes a lot of work initially, to set up a detailed plant inventory, but the more you know about each plant, the easier it is to move product later. When you take stock of plant inventory, consider including features such as:

  • Current condition
  • Age
  • Height
  • Diameter at breast height and canopy

At Arborgold, our plant care software includes all of these abilities, and the inclusions of photographs for each plant, and specialized tags for easy search capability.

Monitor and Report Renewals

Your inventory relies heavily on the number of patrons using it and most plant-based businesses rely on repeat orders from customers. Therefore, being able to monitor and schedule recurring business easily is something that vastly increases the success of a tree care or landscaping business.

Arborgold’s plant care software helps businesses monitor, schedule, and bill recurring services, which reflects on inventory. Connect with customers in mere minutes and save time and money tracking down past orders and trying to contact companies for repeat business.

Choose an Authority in Plant Care Software

There is a multitude of digitized inventory solutions available online. While many companies produce top of the line products for inventory control, not all of them are focused specifically on plant and tree care. At Arborgold, we specialize in plant care and distribution, supplying businesses within these industries with essential tools to rise above the competition. Our plant health care software provides several benefits to users, including our customer service feature.

Not only does Arborgold help you stay on top of your plant inventory, health conditions, staff, products, and contract renewals; it also provides ample opportunity to interact with customers. Our integrated messaging center ensures that you never miss an opportunity to connect with a client and that no customer call goes unanswered. Your customers are our number one priority and we want to make sure you give them your best at every opportunity.

Contact Arborgold Today

Hopefully, there were so many useful tips here for you to put to work for your own lawn care, plant or tree management business. At Arborgold, we’re always excited to hear from businesses within this industry, as it’s such a unique sector filled with an amazing opportunity for growth and success.

If you work in plant and tree care and distribution, we invite you to take a closer look at Arborgold and all it offers. For more information on our software and services take our online tour and contact us today.

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