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Offer Additional Services without Overselling

When you want to offer additional services to existing clients, upselling is designed to make each customer, more profitable. No one wants to sound like a used car salesman, especially with happy customers. Here’s how to offer additional services to your existing clients without overselling.

Upselling with Customized Invoice Templates

Arborgold Invoicing & Accounting - offer additional services through custom invoice templatesExpose customers to other options or service packages that were not included in the initial proposal. To run your lawn care, landscaping, or tree care company, you can use this technique to generate more revenue.

However, it's imperative to upsell professionally to get the expected results.

Here are golden tips on how to upsell tree, landscaping, and lawn care services to existing and prospective clients.

Determine the Specific Services and the Times for Upselling

Know the services that your clients are more likely to require despite the fact that they did not mention them during the initial engagement. Some of the most profitable services that you can upsell include soil aeration, soil testing, pest, and disease management services. They will help you get spectacular results for every customer that hires your company. Once the clients accept the additional services, use a quality invoice template to request for payment.

Maintain High Standards of Professionalism

The best time for your sales representatives to upsell is when the clients ask for their opinion. Otherwise, using “salesy” language might turn off the client thereby compromising the reputation of the company. Apart from generating revenue, the main reason to upsell is to get exceptional results at the end of the project. Getting a few extra dollars from your regular tree care client will do you no good if you permanently ruin your relationship and lose the client due to using pushy upselling techniques. Hence, the sales reps should ensure that the services that they recommend are relevant and in line with the needs and expectations of the client.

Offer additional services that are enticing

Hiring professional and experienced sales reps will greatly help your business to grow to its full potential. Hence, when they are out in the field marketing and upselling your lawn and landscaping services, they should be knowledgeable and invigorated about what they are selling and capable of using your invoice template to calculate the total cost of the project. For example, instead of just asking a client, “Would you like us to carry out soil analysis?” they should discuss the benefits of testing the soil periodically.

Don’t Neglect Uncertain/Unsure Clients

Not every client who has a lawn knows the procedures that should be done on it to improve its appearance and health. To expand your clientele base, you need to focus on not only the regular clients who already know the type of lawn maintenance services that they need, but also the uncertain customers. Such clients are usually open to suggestions, but as mentioned earlier, it is imperative to ensure that you maintain high standards of professionalism when providing recommendations.

Use Customized Invoice Template to offer additional services

A customized invoice template will come in handy when upselling your lawn or tree care services. Arborgold offers professional and dynamic invoice templates that you can use for this purpose. It allows you to create invoices that your clients will quickly interpret. Moreover, they can pay for the services rendered at their own time through the internet with their preferred credit card using any of the provided open edge merchant solutions. Check out this software today to learn how you can improve the way you invoice and relate with clients.