Lawn Care Scheduling Software for iPad

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There are plenty of lawn care scheduling software for iPad these days. However, not all apps are created equally. Before committing to purchasing an app or even subscribing to a cloud based software one must consider “what the software brings to the table”.

Another point to consider is “who is making the software”. This is important because without the experience of actually working within the lawn care industry, the software could overlook crucial elements within the niche and not deliver a product that actually solves your problems.


Arborgold Lawn Care Scheduling software for iPad

Arborgold is a company, made by lawn care professionals with real world experience within the industry. Their software stands out from the crowd due to the niche specific solutions it provides. With over 20 years of industry experience, they know exactly what problems lawn care professionals face on a daily basis.

The software is quite remarkable really. The organizational elements of the software streamlines all necessary information to the cloud. This means that every aspect of your business will receive relative information crucial to their specific department. All of your phone messages and appointments entered into the software will be immediately available to sales reps in the field. With the simple click of a button, all of your jobs in the best possible route are showing to your crews allowing them to reach the project much quicker. This saves them time money and gas. You can even filter the work orders by category, which includes; area, type, equipment and inventory. Scheduling is as simple as point and click.

If you have repeat clients, the software has the ability to automatically schedule any repeat projects. This includes scheduling for various crews operating on different dates. You can duplicate a job with just one click or e-mail.


What else can this software do?

This however, is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg. The software goes beyond mere scheduling abilities by also streamlining your marketing and cost analysis into one simple program. You can automate renewal and pre-paid letters for repeat services. You can even automate follow-up letters for jobs that are currently in the proposal phase as well as thank you letters for clients who just made a purchase. You can create e-mail lists and track the performance of your emails, which will give you an invaluable insight on how your marketing campaign is doing.

The software even includes an online customer portal where your clients will be able to make payments, view account information, view and approve proposals and much more. This gives your client the sense of being in charge of their project, which ultimately builds on client trust and a friendlier user experience.

Arborgold in 60 Seconds

Lawn care scheduling software for iPad on the road

Since the software is connected to a cloud, you have the ability to take it with you on the road. This means that orders can be filled from anywhere at any time due to Wireless Technology. This eliminates any double entries that could occur, or overbooking your crews, which can have detrimental effects on your business.

It’s time that your company steps into the future with Arborgold lawn care scheduling software for iPad. Get yours today!

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