Lawn Care Business Marketing Tips – Using Email and Facebook Together To Increase Sales


While there are a multitude of lawn care business marketing tips, tricks, tactics, and tools available, email is still one of the most effective.

And, contrary to what you may read, email isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

If you’re an Arborgold software customer, you’ve got access to our powerful service marketing tool that gives users the ability to easily target their customers based on a variety of criteria.

In fact, when you consider how much easier and cost effective it is to turn an existing customer into a repeat buyer, than it is to acquire a new customer, email becomes an even stronger sales generator.

But, what if your emails aren’t getting read? What if they’re being overlooked because of the white noise of a crowded inbox? How are you supposed to get your offers in front of leads and customers at that point?

A few weeks ago, we talked about how to grow your business with Facebook advertising.

Facebook has a special ad tool called Power Editor that allows you to advertise specifically to leads and customers already in your database, using only an email address.

Follow these simple steps to increase sales for your lawn care business, using Facebook Power Editor and your email list.


1. Determine the list of prospects you’d like to send a special offer to, and export this list of email addresses from your CRM to a .CSV file.

For this example, let’s say we want to target existing customers since it’s spring, and everybody’s going to need their grass cut before long.

Make sure the only column in your spreadsheet is the “email” column, and make sure your delete the “email” title row. This will leave only email addresses.


2. You’ll need to login into Facebook using Google Chrome.

NOTE: This is important because PowerEditor will not work in Safari, Firefox, or any other browser.


3. After you’ve logged in, click the drop down in the upper right portion of the screen and click “manager ads.”



4. Next, select the option for Power Editor.



5. Once you’re in the Power Editor tool, you’ll see a few options shown below. Select audiences:



6. After selecting the “audiences” tab, choose the “custom audience” option.



7. Once you’ve selected that option, click the “create audience” button in the upper right corner. This will allow you to upload the .CSV file you created earlier.



8. After you’ve uploaded your file, Facebook will try and match the email addresses from your list with the email addresses Facebook has.

This will be your new “Custom Audience.”

Next, you’ll be guided through the process of creating an ad.




9. When you’re creating your ad, choose your custom audience rather than selecting the other options.



That’s it!

Now, you can communicate with your customers and leads through email and through Facebook, which increases the likelihood they’ll see your offer.

How are you using Facebook and email to market your lawn care business? Let us know!

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