How to Improve Customer Satisfaction in A Pest Control Business

Improve Customer Satisfaction Pest Control Business
Improve Customer Satisfaction Pest Control Business

Pest control companies focus on a very specific portion of the business world. It’s a necessary service required by millions. So, creating a successful pest control business with a great customer base and steady income should be easy right? Not always. The way you market yourself and the response your customers have to your brand play a significant role in how successful your business is.

At Arborgold, we offer unique business tools with companies like yours in mind. Our software compiles useful applications meant to improve teamwork, communication, invoicing, advertising, and much more. Having been in this industry for so long, we understand what it takes to create a strong and content customer base. Here, we’ll discuss some of the ways your pest control business can improve customer satisfaction among your clients.

Have a Customer Portal

One of the first and most important ways you can improve customer satisfaction is by creating an easy to use portal specifically for your customers. A customer portal is a portion of your website designed for secure access to scheduling, billing, and other important details relevant to individual customers. Most customer portals require a login and password to reach their account where personal information is stored.

Not only do customer portals conveniently give your customers information on your business and how it relates to them, but it also lets you see vital information about your clients. How often they’re using your services, the type of services they order, and other details which help you in the future.

Create Surveys to Determine Current Levels of Customer Satisfaction

Before you begin designing strategic plans for future customer satisfaction, it helps to know what your customers think now. It also gives your customers a chance to recommend changes or new services they’d like to see. Customer surveys should be thorough, including questions about your service or product, customer service, and personal experience with your business. Some example questions are:

  • Do you feel our price was reasonable for our service?
  • Were you satisfied with the last service we provided?
  • Would you say our team is friendly and capable?
  • Would you recommend our business to friends and family?

Another way to determine how your customers feel now is to read online reviews and encourage your customers to leave more. Online reviews provide insight into the personal experiences your customers have had with your business. Linking social media accounts, your Google Business Page, and any other area for review is a great way to get customers talking.

Schedule and Show up for Jobs on Time

Most of what your customers feel about you is based on your performance as a pest control company. By scheduling jobs properly and showing up on time for every customer you increase the chances that your clients have nice things to say about you.

Scheduling a pest control job can be tough because different pests take longer to deal with, and some cases are more extreme than others. Ruling on the side of caution is always the best practice when scheduling pest control jobs unless you know for certain it will only take a specified amount of time. For example, if you’re spraying a lawn and you know the exact square footage, you can estimate the time it will take to complete the task. However, if you’re going into a home to look for signs of rodents and deal with them accordingly, it could take longer to finish.

Using scheduling software through cloud-based software is the best way to stay on top of your appointments. These tools update in real-time and can even show you when employees check in on a job site, or if they’re running behind. This allows you to contact your customer and deal with the situation accordingly if your team will be late or miss an appointment.

Encourage Customer Engagement

Consumers are more likely to use the services of a company they trust, and customer engagement is a great way to build rapport. Social media has become a staple for many business owners, allowing you to post contests, update clients on new promotions and products, and comment, like, and share your follower’s posts as well. Marketing yourself online has never been easier

Engaging with your customers humanizes your brand and helps remind clients that you’re a local member of the community just like them. Some tips for customer engagement are:

  • Always reply to customer posts or comments
  • Encourage content sharing with online promotions
  • Post information that is relevant to your customers
  • Use visual aids to make your social media posts stand out

Follow-up with Email

After a job well done, your next line of business should be sending your customer a follow-up email. This can be something as simple as a thank you for choosing your business and some information on how to get in touch if they need you again. A follow-up email reminds your customers that you’re around and provides them with all the contact information they need for future appointments.

A follow-up email is also a great place to ask for feedback and reviews. This gives you some thoughtful insight on future appointments with them and other customers. Encouraging your customers to sign up for automated email newsletters, promotions, and other correspondence is another way to stay fresh in your industry and increase brand awareness.

Use Arborgold Business Software

At Arborgold our software and business tools are specifically created with you and your customers in mind. We cater to businesses in pest control, landscaping and snow removal because we know how unique your business models are. Our software is designed to help improve day-to-day and long-term goals, through features such as:

  • Automated e-mail
  • Supply chain management
  • Customer portal access
  • Scheduling and job management
  • Accounting and invoicing solutions
  • Proposal and estimating tools
  • Mobile crew app

For more information on Arborgold and our Pest Control business software and MobileCrew app, we invite you to take a tour today.

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