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For businesses in snow removal, obtaining and keeping contracts is a crucial part of the job. At Arborgold, we know better than most what it takes to build a field-based company from the ground up. That’s why we created a software and CRM system for businesses like yours.

Owning a few trucks with plow attachments doesn’t mean you’ll be a successful snow plowing company. It takes a lot of dedication, organization, and of course, contracts. Here, we will discuss how field-based and seasonal companies like those in landscaping and snow plowing can get the snow removal contracts you need to succeed.

Create Seasonal Bundles for Existing Clients

Most snow removal companies don’t plow year-round for obvious reasons. Therefore, plowing is often a secondary service offered by landscaping and lawn care companies. Building lasting relationships with seasonal clients becomes tricky, especially if some clients only want services from one side of the business. One way to encourage brand loyalty is by creating seasonal bundles for existing clients.

Seasonal bundles include a variety of services tailored to the need of each season. For example:

  • Spring planting, fertilizing and watering.
  • Summer weed control, watering, and pruning.
  • Fall maintenance, gutter cleaning, and raking.
  • Winter plowing, ice removal, and salting/sanding.

Of course, there are many other jobs associated with each season, but the package would include tailored services for your client based on current and future needs. By creating an exclusive offer, not only are you more likely to encourage that customer to use your services year-round, but you’ll build brand loyalty and rapport.

Watch the Weather

Snow removal contracts roll in at different times of the year. Some companies hire early to beat the rush, while others begin looking as the weather conditions worsen. One of the most important steps in obtaining snow plowing contracts is to keep your eye on the weather reports.

Depending on your location, you may get snow earlier or later than in other cities. Being on top of the annual snowfall averages is a great way to beat competitors to the punch and provide availability when potential clients need it.

A great way to stay abreast of the weather in your region is to install weather widgets directly on your company site. Not only does this keep your mind on snow before snow season arrives, but it prompts any commercial clients who visit your site to book their snow plowing services early.

Connect on LinkedIn with Quality Contacts

Social media has expanded the digital marketplace for businesses in every industry, but for snow removal and other seasonal businesses, it is important not to depend exclusively on consumer-heavy platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Remember that many of those larger corporate accounts aren’t scrolling Twitter feeds daily but may visit LinkedIn to find professional and experienced snow removal contracts.

Building a high-quality portfolio for yourself online will entice more high-quality contacts to reach out for your snow plowing services.

Develop an Email Marketing Program

Email is the original digital communication tool, and it is still as relevant today as it was twenty years ago. In marketing, email initiatives provide a method of cold and warm contact with current and potential future clients.

At Arborgold, our automated email setup provides an assortment of templates, scheduling options, and customization tools to keep your customers in the know, while saving you time and money managing your contacts and campaigns.

Be Proactive and Pound the Pavement

It sounds “old school”, but in local landscaping and snow plowing there is often no better strategy to obtain those high-level snow removal contracts than word of mouth marketing and cold calling. Visiting local businesses to introduce yourself and your service puts a face to a name and offers a personal touch no website can produce.

Some snow plowing companies choose to include a small gift, promotional offer, or coupon when they visit a potential new client. This leaves something behind so that company considers you again later, and shows that you value the businesses you work with.

Build Relationships with Property Owners and Management Companies

There is a lot of money to be made in snow plowing, even in small communities, if you make connections with the right people. In the case of landscaping and snow removal contracts, those people are often property owners and property management companies.

Consider visiting shopping centres, universities, hospitals, senior homes and service centers, and property management companies for local apartment complexes. All of these facilities require lawn and snow maintenance services year-round, and not every snow plowing company will think to approach them.

Add a Q&A to Your Website

A major problem many landscaping companies face collecting snow removal contracts is that local businesses don’t know you offer winter services. Adding a Q&A or an FAQ section to your website gives potential new customers all the answers they need to your service structure, plan options, and how seasonal services work from month to month. It also helps your community see that you service both residential and commercial properties in the city.

You can also create a space for new customers to ask questions, which can then be uploaded to your website for others to see. This shows new clients that you are open to expanding and that you engage with your consumer base.

Join Local Organizations

Local organizations like the Better Business Bureau, Business Network International, and your city’s chamber of commerce are a great way to get the word out about your company. Commercial entities looking for seasonal maintenance and landscaping are more likely to search through these organizations than choose a random business from the yellow pages.

Offer Preferred Discounts

When you begin building your payment structure for snow plowing, consider offering preferred discounts to special groups like senior citizens, veterans, members of the military, and first responders in your area.

This shows your community that you care and builds an opportunity for a higher level of brand loyalty. It is also an attractive feature to those in charge of snow clearing at fire halls, hospitals, military bases, senior homes, and other areas where these discounts might come in handy.

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