Can A Business Benefit from GPS Time Tracking?

Time Tracking GPS software

The landscaping industry is constantly shifting, and many of these changes have to do with the digital landscape. Online tools and connections have made field-related jobs, like landscaping and lawn care, much easier than in the past. Keeping tabs on crew members, monitoring inventory, and maintaining a constant connection with your staff are some of the benefits the information ere has provided. Another major advantage is GPS time tracking software.

Arborgold is a software developing company focused on the intricacies of field businesses. We work with the best landscapers, lawn care companies, and pest control businesses in the country, ensuring our clients have the tools and support necessary to succeed in your field. One of the tools we offer is GPS time tracking software. Recently, we have received questions about the benefit of this tool, and how to best use it to optimize business practices.

Here, we will dig more deeply into the reasons so many landscaping businesses are choosing GPS tracking and why.

What is GPS Time Tracking Software?

Time Tracking GPS software

Keeping tabs on your team and your equipment is an important part of any field business. Landscaping and lawn care companies require constant updates on staff, jobs, and inventory to ensure deadlines are met and supplies are available. GPS time tracking software lets your team stay in contact with you regarding location, scheduling, and more.

Modern time tracking software includes a variety of special features, and these can be tailored to fit your company. Time tracking software improves communication, scheduling, timing, driving routes, and much more.

Benefits of GPS Time Tracking Software for Field Businesses

No two landscaping or lawn care companies are the same, which is why it is important to have software that works to your strengths. Arborgold GPS time tracking software is designed with a field business model in mind. With strong roots in the American landscaping market, we know better than most what it takes to be successful in this industry. Here are some of the major benefits you can expect in your field business while using GPS time tracking software.

Improved Payroll Accuracy

The money you pay out is just as important as the money you take in, and ensuring your payroll is accurate is crucial to the success of your business. Using GPS time tracking software, your schedule and payroll are constantly communicating without the need for manual input and transcription. Your time tracking software will monitor when your employees clock in and out of a job, when they call in sick, who is scheduled for a holiday or overtime shift, and much more. This automated data collection relieves you and your accounting team from much of the manual tediousness involved in time tracking, and lets you spend more time running your business and meeting deadlines.

Improved payroll accuracy not only saves you time and guarantees paychecks are in the correct amount, but it also helps you with end of year taxes. All this information is filed away for later use in a convenient location.

Monitor Use of Equipment and Inventory

The equipment your company owns is an important part of how your business runs. From large equipment like ride-on mowers and tractors to small equipment like rakes and shovels, your team needs these tools to perform their jobs well and safely. When a tool is not available, it could slow down a job, extend a deadline, or leave an employee to use another tool that is not as well suited to the task. This does not look good to customers or investors.

With GPS time tracking software, you can also closely monitor inventory of tools, large equipment, and even nursery products like plants and trees. The software tells you how much of each item is in stock, where it is located, and even whether the fuel tank on your large equipment has been properly refilled or not. Knowing where equipment and nursery inventory is located helps your team function promptly and efficiently, and lets you better schedule large jobs together so teams can share tools.

Keep Track of Crews in the Field

Your team is your bread and butter, without them, nothing would get done. So, it is essential that you know where your crew members are, when they will be back, and what their next task is. Monitoring large teams of people moving around outside of the office is tough. GPS time tracking software creates a real-time diagram of each crew member in relation to the town they are working in and the job they are undertaking. This tracking tool also keeps tabs on the equipment they are using.

Tracking your field crew is a great way to optimize scheduling and mileage. When you know where each team member is and where they are heading next, you can warn them about traffic jams and roadblocks, send them directions for the best route to their next job, and even monitor fuel consumption on company vehicles.

Provide Job Transparency for Clients

GPS time tracking software is a huge advantage for you as a business owner, but it is also a benefit for your client. Nobody wants a crew of landscapers hanging out on their property indefinitely. Having access to real-time GPS time tracking updates lets your customers see where your team is in job completion and how much longer they will be. It also lets them see the types of equipment being used onsite.

Transparency with your clients is key to a great professional relationship. If you want your clients to become return customers, keeping them informed, even when a job is going poorly, is important.

Improve Job Costing

Tips For Equipment Inventory Management

Finally, GPS time tracking software is a benefit for landscaping and other field businesses because it improves job costing. Knowing your profit margin of estimated and known ROI helps you more realistically create future bids, quotes, and price points. Arborgold’s time tracking software tracks spending and revenue, making it easy for you to determine where your business is successful, and where changes need to be made.

Job costing requires a keen eye for numbers and having financial information accessible at the click of a button greatly impacts the time and convenience of tallying this information. Job costing data will also help you with future marketing goals, inventory refills, and future hiring for your field team. If you don’t know where your weaknesses lie as a company, you can’t expect your strengths to shine through to clients or investors.

These are some of the top benefits of investing in GPS and time tracking software, but there are many more services and options available to you. Arborgold is constantly upgrading our software to meet the changing needs of the landscaping industry. You can rest assured that as the business model changes, your software will change to meet it and support you.

Learn More About Arborgold’s Time Tracking Software

Arborgold is an American software company based in Indiana. Supporting the United States economy and thriving landscaping industry is important to us. We work with small, mid-sized, and large businesses across the country, helping keep you and your team connected and on-time.

Discover why thousands of users select Arborgold for their all-in-one business management tool that includes GPS location and time tracking features designed to monitor crews and make payroll easy. Take a tour!

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