3 Tasks Lawn Care Business Software Can Automate

tasks lawn care business software can automate
tasks lawn care business software can automate

Tasks lawn care business software can automate

As a leading authority in the lawn care industry, Arborgold understands better than most, how much work goes into the upkeep of a lawn care business. From tracking tools and inventory to connecting with employees in the field, the work is never-ending. Fortunately, the evolution of technology has made it possible for landscaping companies to automate many of the processes behind the scenes.

Automation is a modern method of ensuring that tasks are completed on time and without fail without the stress of manual organization. In lawn care, this allows management to take a step back from the necessary yet tedious tasks and focus more on the big things like running the company, building relationships with employees, and developing brand awareness.

Automation makes it possible to manage innumerable processes and procedures, and Arborgold’s lawn care software is designed to do just that. We have worked closely with clients to develop software that coincides with the most important aspects of lawn care and landscaping firms. Three of the main focal points of our automation software include:

1. Scheduling Automation

Scheduling is about so much more than knowing which employee is available for a job. It tells you a variety of important things about your company, such as:

  • Where your equipment is going.
  • Which client has requested a service?
  • Which services are recurring and which aren’t.
  • When weekly or bi-weekly invoices need to be sent out.

With our automation software, lawn care professionals can easily manage employees and jobs from anywhere they have access to their Arborgold account. Whether you are in traffic on the subway or stuck at an airport waiting to get home, your schedules can be accessed from your laptop, tablet, or mobile phone immediately.

There is an endless supply of advantages to using automation software, especially if you are a busy lawn care business with little time to spare. Some of the major benefits of schedule automation include:

  • Automatic updates when employees change shifts or call in sick.
  • Documented history of past and future jobs.
  • Real-time notifications of equipment checkouts and returns.
  • Automatic scheduling for recurring services

If you are considering automation but are unsure how it could work for your business model, we can help. No two businesses are alike, and National Association of Landscape Professionals will tell you that lawn care businesses are extremely unique. Employees in this industry do not work from a local office where management can see who is on break, who is on a shift, and who has called in sick for the day. Instead, lawn care professionals work in the field, and having a scheduling program developed specifically for this type of work increases productivity and decreases time waste.

Our scheduling software also provides you with access to direct and ongoing communication with your crew on jobsites. Whether they are heading out to a new job, or just finishing up for the day, you can see who is working where, which equipment is on-site, and how long it will be before they reach their next destination.

2. Invoice Automation

Invoicing is a procedure that requires diligent document management and organization, as well as frequent communication between departments and customers. Minimizing the time spent e-mailing and calling customers maximizes efficiency and time while bookkeeping and invoicing.

Invoice automation streamlines the process of billing customers by compiling all the necessary data into one place. Connection to your scheduling software allows your invoices to automatically process based on client appointments. This includes all recurring appointments and tasks, which may not show up on paper invoices.

Invoice automation not only provides you with information on the business side, but it will also send information to your customers. This helps your customers pay on time hassle-free, and leaves your hands untied to focus on customer service and operations.

Automating this process means fewer missed deadlines and creates an organized digital copy of all billing information for tax season. Thus, there is less stress on your accounting department.

3. E-mail Automation

E-mail automation has become a major benefit of lawn care software. Some of the ways leading lawn care businesses use e-mail automation to their advantage include:

  • Invoice e-mails and payment reminders
  • Coupons and promotional mail
  • Exclusive offers
  • Event and news updates
  • General information
  • Customer service resolution

Automation is a tool that allows you to increase brand awareness, improve outreach, and maximize time. E-mail automation software provides access to a variety of templates, so you decide what your outgoing messages look like when they send, and what they say. The automation process gives you free rein over scheduling your e-mails, but allows you to prepare them in advance, and in bulk if the occasion calls for it.

With a dedicated client list, automation software will send messages with the same message, customized to suit each client based on your specifications. This might include name and pronoun changes, as well as the type of information inside. For example, if you are sending exclusive coupons to corporate landscaping customers but not residential clients, this setting can be adjusted in your CRM.

Contact Arborgold Today for More Information

Automation is consistently changing as new tools and processes become available. Arborgold is an authority in automation and takes our role within the lawn care community seriously. We are always watching the horizon for new and innovative ways to simplify processes and increase efficiency for our customers.

If you own your own lawn care company and are interested in learning more about the benefits of automation, we can help. At Arborgold, our lawn care software is created with bespoke tools and supports for businesses like yours. We focus on landscaping, tree care, tool and equipment inventory, scheduling, and much more. Our goal as a company is to support local lawn care specialists, improving brand awareness and in turn creating a sustainable industry.To see more details on software and automation, we invite you to contact us and take a tour today!

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