How Does Lawn Business Software Work?

landscape business management software

As businesses continue to grow and evolve across North America, business software has become an integral part of the system. For landscaping companies, finding the right software can be difficult. Landscaping requires a specific set of tools and options, which generic software does not always provide. At Arborgold, we specialize in lawn business software, providing landscapers with a much-needed option for business management, customer engagement, accounting optimization and more.

If you are in the lawn care industry and wondering how to maintain your growing business, lawn care business software can help. Here, we will explain the supports provided through these platforms and how to use them to your advantage.

What is Lawn Care Business Software?

Lawn business software is a specially designed CRM platform designed to let you monitor your business in day to day and long-term momentum. This is a program that lets you manage the financial, marketing, and even customer engagement related to your landscaping company.

From communicating with your team in the field to filing taxes on time and with all necessary information, you can count on your lawn care business software to support you. Before the help of computers, lawn care business functioned with word of mouth advertising, paper inventory sheets, manually filed invoices, and letter mail correspondence. Business software is essentially all these things in a single digital location, minimizing stress and maximizing the potential of your company.

Manage Your Business from Anywhere

Creating a Work Schedule for Mobile Employees

The number one benefit of lawn maintenance software is your ability to run your company from anywhere. Whether you are at home, the office, or on the go, you can access your CRM portal from any mobile technology with an internet connection. This provides access to everything from employee schedules to nursery inventory data.

Arborgold’s lawn business software offers 24/7 access through your client portal, letting you login in any time zone. This minimizes wait times, service disruptions, and mix-ups. Our goal is to help you spend less time flipping between tabs and software programs and spend more time doing what you do best – managing your brand.

Team Communication and GPS Options

There are many great features to lawn business software that help you run your company more efficiently. One of the best tools offered through Arborgold is our team communication and GPS options. Sending teams into the field for work is much different than managing an office full of employees. You are counting on your staff to get where they need to be, work efficiently, check-in with progress, use the right equipment, and communicate throughout their shift. With our team communication options, you can chat in real-time with your crew in the field. This lets your team check-in and out on jobs, request help, sign in and out equipment, and communicate for other reasons.

The GPS portion of this tool not only gives your field staff access to the best routes to and from each job site, but it lets you see where they are and where they are going from back in the office. If there is a job on Main St. starting at 3 pm, and you have one employee on Grove Avenue 16 blocks away and another on Oak Ridge Lane 2 blocks away, you can assign the closest employee to take the next job, saving travel time and fuel.

Quick Books Integration for Smoother Accounting

Quick Books is a leading software tool for accountants across North America. Managing invoices, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and employee payments. This program not only helps you track money coming in and out but files the data away for later use during tax season. This program is essentially your record keeper, accounting assistant, and lifeline during tax time.

By integrating Quick Books into your lawn care business software, you save money on additional software and save time opening various programs across your computer while looking for important information.

Estimates and Bid-Follow Up

landscape business management software

Lawn care companies rely on a system of estimates and bids. When you quote an estimate to a potential client and that estimate is way off the mark, you are less likely to retain that customer. As a leader in lawn care business software, Arborgold has worked tirelessly to create an estimation tool with the most realistic outcome possible. This not only helps you manage finances and project cash flow but helps your clients receive reliable information they can count on.

Along with estimates comes the need for bid follow-up. The bids you make on landscaping projects fall into line among hundreds of others, which means you need to stand out amongst the crowd. One way to show a potential client you are serious is to follow-up on your bid and remind them you are still interested. This gets complex when you are bidding on multiple projects across the city. Keeping up with correspondence, even with an administrative assistant, is confusing. Fortunately, one of the features included in lawn care business software is automated follow-up e-mails. These e-mails are crafted using customizable templates, set on a scheduled delivery rate, and sent out at the best possible time for optimal results.

Inventory and Nursery Management

There are many moving parts involved in landscaping. From the living products, you bring to your clients, such as shrubbery, trees, plants, and flowers, to the tools you use, and the large equipment required. Monitoring all these parts means having a tight inventory structure in place. Lawn business software gives you access to your inventory whenever you need it. Best of all, it can be linked to a virtual check-in and check-out sheet so you can also see which employee is using which piece of equipment, where, and for how long. This lets you stay on top of your inventory which in turn lets you better manage customer schedules and service times.

Another area of inventory is the nursery, where you manage live plants, and must monitor more than how many you have, but also when they will be mature enough to offer to clients. This same information can be accessed through your lawn care business software as needed.

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