How to Win Back Commercial Accounts

Landscape Win Back Commercial Accounts
Landscape Win Back Commercial Accounts

For landscaping and snow removal businesses, a great commercial account can be the difference between a successful business and a side job. Keeping these clients happy often requires high-quality services and customer care. So, what do you do when one of these commercial accounts decides to leave your business for a competitor?

At Arborgold, we design business software for companies like yours. Landscapers, snow removal, lawn care, and pest control companies differ from other business models, and therefore, require software to optimize and encourage growth. When you lose a commercial account, there are many ways your business software can help you rebuild those relationships. Here are some tips for field businesses hoping to win back lost commercial accounts.

Show Your Customer They’re Worth Keeping

There’s a reason companies always say, “our valued customers”, rather than just “our customers”. The modern consumer wants to feel like more than a random shopper. These consumers spend time and money finding the brands they trust, and they like to know those brands appreciate this effort. Losing a commercial account is tough on company morale and your revenue stream, but sometimes all it takes to retain that customer is letting them know you care, which is a big part of exceptional customer service.

There are many ways to ensure your clients that their jobs are important to your lawn care or snow removal business. The first method is simply to get in touch. A follow-up or retention email or call can go a long way to show a past client that their business is important to you. Your business software can help you get these emails out as soon as a customer departs from your regularly scheduled services.

Be Prepared to Give Them Their Money Back

One of the major problems in the landscaping and snow removal industry is that there isn’t a product to return. If a customer feels your services aren’t up to snuff, it’s important that there is some sort of guarantee in place. Returning a partial or full payment or offering a free service in the future to make up for a late or unprofessional service is sometimes all that’s needed to show a commercial account that they can trust you in the future.

Too many businesses are afraid to offer refunds because it shows weakness or failure. The thing about commercial accounts is that they generally last a long time and bring in multiple invoice payments from a variety of properties or service types. Giving back a payment on one service when you know ten more are coming is well worth keeping a commercial client who will pay off in the future.

Provide More Than a Service – Provide a Lesson

Working in a field business like landscaping or snow removal, there are plenty of things you learn by doing, rather than reading a manual. For your customers, your experience is exactly what sets you apart from the next team of landscapers. Businesses looking to retain commercial accounts can prove value by teaching clients what they know. This doesn’t mean you should set up a seminar on cultivating tree nurseries or rose pruning, but rather, offer inside information to help decrease costs and increase aesthetics, such as what time of day the sprinklers should be set to go off and why.

Imparting your knowledge of your customers not only provides them with a sense of what you know as a landscaper but puts you in a place of authority. Commercial property owners don’t want to hire the newest landscapers or snow removal teams, they want to hire the most experienced for the lowest price.

Be Prepared to Apologize

If a commercial customer has left you behind for greener pastures, there is usually a reason. Getting to the bottom of such a conundrum can be tough. Rather than asking a client why they have cut and run, consider apologizing. Even if you’re not sure what you’ve done, a simple, “we’re sorry to see you go, what can we do to retain this business relationship?” can go a long way. Many commercial companies are simply seeking a better price, and if you can work out a way to give that to them you may be able to bring back lost commercial accounts without too much added fuss.

In some cases, a commercial account might tell you why they’ve left. Perhaps there is a review on file or an email complaint. Whatever the case, apologizing for the misunderstanding or poor service is the priority. From here, you can usually suss out the real issue and fix it if possible.

Give Them Something Extra

In a world of samples and freebies, everybody is looking to get a little extra. New landscaping companies on the scene often offer customers free services or discounts to reel them in. As a longstanding customer, your commercial clients may begin to feel like they’re missing out because you no longer offer these kinds of deals. It’s important to remember the loyal clients you work with, and not just provide for the newcomers. If you feel like a commercial account is slipping away, we recommend throwing in a little something extra. Sometimes a seasonal service is an excellent incentive to continue a long-term service. For example, customers who hire you for spring, summer, and autumn landscaping can expect 2-free snow removals in the winter season.

Many service-oriented businesses are choosing to take the exclusive offer route by offering customers coupons, discounts, and promotions. This is another easy feat to complete through your landscaping and snow removal business software. Determining which clients qualify and sending e-mails is simple with business software automation. You may also want to consider a customer loyalty program where points can be used to purchase future services.

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