Arborgold Software introduces time tracking and QuickBooks payroll integration enhancements

Spring 2021 arborgold time tracking feature enhancements

May 29, 2021 | Bloomington, Indiana: This week Arborgold Software revealed its latest features and enhancements that will arrive at client accounts over the next 30 days. 

As an overarching theme for Q2 2021, Arborgold is quickly increasing its technology lead in the green industry business management software space with a focus on strengthening a company’s overall time-tracking, payroll, and reporting ecosystem. 

With new filters, fields, and flexibility,  lawn care, landscape, tree care, and plant health care companies looking to generate detailed direct contribution models by job, project, and by service type will love Arborgold’s Spring 2021 release including crew time tracking features. 

Along with new time tracking features, Arborgold 7.7 offers users the ability to customize and quickly export approved payroll hours into third-party accounting software including QuickBooks as well as other database programs. 

Time tracking software for tree care and plant health care companies

Arborgold’s Spring 2021 release comes with performance optimizations that positively affect the product’s client plant and tree inventory mapping, treatment status, and work scheduler features both on the cloud and mobile apps. 

When asked why Time Tracking has been the primary focus on the software’s major enhancements over the past 12 months, Levi Garner, Arborgold Chief Technical Officer replied, “As our clients look to streamline and automate more processes inside their organization, we’re ready to stay one step ahead of their needs with Arborgold’s all-in-one business management software.” He continued, “Time tracking is a more than an integral part of developing job costing models and direct contribution analysis… It’s mission critical.”

As a result of these updates, small, medium, and enterprise-sized businesses can further streamline and standardize their field service workflows, make additional strides in going paperless, increase transparency and accuracy within their payroll function, and improve visibility on important business metrics and performance indicators. 

About Arborgold

For over 25 years, Arborgold’s all-in-one business software has helped tree, lawn, and landscape companies manage leads and customers, bid jobs, schedule work, track inventory, run supply chain, manage projects, and invoice customers from your computer or mobile device.

Learn how our customers are building a better business by automating tasks, optimizing schedules, and connecting the office with the field real-time, resulting in increased profits and a reduction in costs by taking a product tour.

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