Text Messaging Integration with Arborgold Software

Arborgold integrates with text messaging to send automated or
one-time text messages to clients.

Arborgold Text
Messaging Integration


Arborgold integrates with text messaging (SMS) to send
automated or one-time text messages to clients, sales representatives, and team members. This service helps you send
appointment information, updates, or other important
correspondence to clients and team members.

Arborgold clients like to use this integration to send text
message (SMS) updates to clients to confirm or change
appointments, update sales representatives on new communications with a prospective client, and update clients when their job has been completed.

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What is Text Messaging Integration with Arborgold?

Whether you’re looking to close a new client, improve the
customer experience, or restart services with seasonal clients in the new year, text messaging can be a powerful addition to your

With 96% of Americans owning a cellphone, text messaging is becoming one of the most prominent and convenient ways to get ahold of a customer. Not only do text messages have the highest open rate of all forms of communicating with customers (phone calls included), but they also have the highest read and response rates.

While in most cases text messaging won’t replace your current methods of communication with your clients and team members, it can be a powerful tool in supplementing those efforts.

Some of our favorite ways to use text messaging integration in Arborgold:

  • Send automatic job confirmations to customers when they schedule an appointment with your company.
  • Send updates to the client when the job is completed.
  • Notify a sales representative when an update to a prospective customer’s account has been made.
  • Notify crew members of newly scheduled appointments.
  • Update clients or crew members on schedule changes.
  • Update multiple clients due to weather or holiday delays.
  • Engage prospective customers by asking if they’d like to schedule an estimate*
  • Provide lead alerts notifying sales reps about new inbound leads.
  • Request reviews or feedback after a job is complete.
  • Touch base with seasonal clients to ask if they’d like to restart services.
  • Let current clients know about specials or add-ons.
  • Send segmented text messages to offer upgrades to clients based on their current service agreement.
  • Send prospective customers drip marketing text messages*.

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Why Use Text Messaging Integration with Arborgold?

Text messaging can support or augment your sales efforts, client communication,
internal communication, and retention rates.


Reliable Communication

Text messaging is a more reliable form of communication than email with customers and team members. That’s because text messages have a 93%+ open rate and are usually read within 90 seconds of receipt!


Close More Leads

How long it takes to reach out to a lead has a direct impact on your close rate—the faster you connect with them, the better! Since it’s not always possible to call right away or since some customers don’t answer the first time you call, text message marketing offers a second method of reach-out to prospective customers.

Use text messaging to follow up with leads to schedule an estimate or to touch-base with prospective
customers who have a proposal in review*.

Text messaging integration is also a great way to notify your sales representatives of new leads in the
pipeline. Set an automated text to go to your sales team when a new lead comes in so they can reach out faster than ever.


Keep Everyone in the Loop

Text message marketing is also a great way to keep in touch with your customers and to notify sales reps or crew members of any changes in their client accounts. Let your customers know when their job is complete, notify sales reps of changes to client accounts, or notify crew members of schedule changes on the fly.

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*Please always remember to ask new leads to opt in to text messaging before sending messages.

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