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The Arborgold Entrepreneur landscape management software includes all of the Arborgold Sprout features while adding essential landscape business management tools that elevate your quote production and crew management capabilities.

Small or medium sized landscaping businesses in need of more advanced scheduling, CAD drawings, land measurement, and email marketing, will benefit from the Arborgold Entrepreneur landscape management software.

This landscape software helps entrepreneurs better manage more complicated schedules and landscape teams while providing more sophisticated, accurate project proposals.

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Arborgold takes drag and drop job scheduling technology to a whole new level. Here are the some of the many ways to schedule in Arborgold.

Schedule and manage ALL your services related to a single job independently. Schedule services for one or more clients using Arborgold's visual mapping tool so you can group similar location jobs for the same date. Arborgold’s job scheduling software offers users the ability to set any service to reoccur daily, weekly, monthly or on a fixed schedule. Arborgold’s Successor Service Scheduling feature allows you to create multi-service work orders that automatically follow each other when each service is completed.


Many landscape business management software products don’t offer a landscape design tool, but Arborgold knows that being able to produce detailed, beautiful designs is at the heart of most landscape companies. The Arborgold landscape CAD tool in the Arborgold Entrepreneur landscape management software offers advanced, full-color landscape design capabilities. With this tool, landscapers and estimators can design sophisticated layouts using our wide library of trees, plants, shrubs, and hardscape materials.

The result is a full-color, visually appealing, realistic project representation. This CAD landscape design tool will help landscape business owners produce an inventory list of included shrubs and trees to streamline project management and costing. Landscape designers can also include measurements and notes to the document for the client or crew.

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The land measure tool in the Arborgold Entrepreneur level landscape and lawn care management software includes a land measure tool to aid in accurate estimate development and job costing.

This tool is integrated with a Google Maps API to give a satellite view of the property and property lines. Using the tool, estimators can trace the outline of the area receiving service to generate square footage. If you’ve added pricing for different service types, you can then receive an auto-price for your estimate based on the service and square footage.


In the landscaping, lawn care, and tree care industries, turning leads into clients is integral for generating revenues. Most marketing consultants will tell you that it sometimes takes as many as 5-7 times contacting a lead for that lead to convert into a customer.

However, may landscape, tree care, and lawn care professionals get so caught up in the operations side of the business that managing new business leads sometimes falls through the cracks.

With the Arborgold Entrepreneur Level landscape, lawn care, and tree care software, business owners can use our built-in email marketing software with SendGrid to connect with leads as well as with existing or previous customers.

Send an automated email when a lead is received, automatically follow up on quotes or proposals with potential customers, or send special offers and incentives to previous clients.

Entrepreneurs can also send drip marketing emails with content marketing components such as blogs, social media posts, or spotlights, or can send seasonal reminders for important services.

Arborgold Software Premium Email Marketing Features

Arborgold's email marketing tool seamlessly integrates with your client management system, tracking which emails have been sent—and opened—to each client, as well as providing integrated, segmented lists for email contact based on filters such as service type, last service date, and more.

Arborgold Premium GPS Crew Tracking


Keeping track of your landscape crews has never been easier with Arborgold’s GPS Tracking feature. This tool keeps track of where your crews are in real-time to better predict job flow and completion, as well as to provide faster, more timely billing. This tool also helps provide your landscape crews turn-by-turn directions while minimizing the driving distance between jobs.

See in real time when your crew is leaving a job site, so you can quickly update job status and invoices paid. The GPS tracking tool with Arborgold’s Entrepreneur level landscape management software also includes historical GPS records for job verification.