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Training and technical support you can count on.

Live Phone Support

Available during business hours Monday through Friday 8AM to 5PM Eastern, our customers have access to a LIVE BODY where no question gets left unanswered, real-time.

Extensive Knowledge base

With over 20 years developing software for the green industry, we’ve seen plenty! Each support request becomes an opportunity for us to increase our technical online knowledgebase AND our best practice lawn care, landscape, and tree service business user manual. Watch videos on demand, read short articles and instructions that get RIGHT to the point!

Email Support

For many of customers, their business is always “on-the-go”. Getting answers via email is the best use of their time when they need support. Arborgold support is watching for new requests 24/7.

Arborgold Customer Support Automated Ticketing System

During non business hours, EVERY support request is captured by our support center software. Nothing slips through the cracks.