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What customers see on the surface is really only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what it really takes to run a landscaping company. Even a company with high sales volume could be in trouble if resources are being managed improperly. A company's true value comes from what's left after you subtract all operational costs from sales. Far too many business owners today are letting money slip through their fingers because they don't have the right resource management software.

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Resource Management & Landscaping Business Needs in One Place

Paper scheduling can be a nightmare for a service-oriented business. Issues like forgotten appointments and double bookings are all too common when relying on paper books and calendars. What’s more, paper bookings can’t be shared across a company and made accessible for everyone who is involved in the process. Gone are the days of paper scheduling and accidental double bookings for savvy business owners. Arborgold is a one-stop shop when it comes to managing resources and tracking job costs. Less time spent figuring out how to get resources where they need to be means more time spent getting equipment and crew members on the road to bring in revenue. There’s even a special feature that allows users to quickly search for jobs that can be scheduled based on the resources that are needed.

Here’s what resource software should be able to do for a landscaping company in today’s business climate:

  • Track employees
  • Track equipment
  • Keep on top of inventory

Pre-Assigning Employees, Equipment and Resources to Jobs

Can I track employee, equipment and inventory? Yes. It’s included!

Arborgold creates a streamlined estimation process by building services packages that include inventory, equipment and employees. In fact, it’s possible to assign employees to crews ahead of time in order to create quick cost estimates. All of the management features in Arborgold’s resource software are also included in the mobile crew app. That means that leaders can record time cards in real time, adjust equipment needs in real time and assign additional inventory when needed. Arborgold resource management software is clear, quick and perfect for busy landscaping businesses of all sizes.

BONUS: Quickly search for jobs to schedule by resources required.

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Managing Employee Resources made simple

One of the biggest components of service business resource management is making sure employees are available and where they need to be at any given time. Employees are every company’s best asset. In addition, employees can often be the most expensive resource that a company has to manage. That’s why there’s simply no room for error when it comes to this topic! Arborgold provides a hassle-free feature that makes it possible to store and track hourly employee pay and all other associated hourly costs. This feature then tracks hourly costs against output. That means that business owners can get a clear picture of job costs in an instant. Users also have the option to optimize talent by assigning employees to specific crews or attaching them to specific jobs at the time of service. It’s even possible to view time reports that illustrate payroll time versus productive time for specific jobs.

BONUS: Employee time reports show actual payroll time versus productive time on jobs.

Managing Inventory (Inventory Resource Management)

As a lawn care, landscape or tree service company, your ability to use your inventory means dollars to your bottom line. With Arborgold, as you use chemicals, plant materials, mulch, etc. at job sites, each item is tracked for quantity and cost so it’s ready for that upcoming invoice. You can customize unit measurements! So if you use gallons, ounces, pallet, pounds, Arborgold’s resource management software has you covered.

BONUS: Receive inventory and maintain inventory counts. As you update your job cost, Arborgold knows exactly how much you have on hand and can alert you before you run out.

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Managing Equipment (Equipment Resource Management)

A big part of service business resource management is managing the pricey equipment that keeps everything running. Equipment is one of the largest financial investments owners of service businesses make. There’s simply no way to get a job done if equipment isn’t reliable and ready to go. Here’s a look at some of the factors associated with equipment that need to be monitored constantly:

  • Maintenance costs
  • Direct revenues
  • Indirect costs
  • Direct hourly costs

Arborgold delivers a sophisticated equipment-tracking module that actually stores all of the key information associated with a piece of equipment. This includes mileage, VIN, manufacturer and a manufacturer’s telephone number. What’s more, maintenance reminders can also be scheduled and viewed on a live dashboard. Long-term tracking for equipment maintenance and expenses is also available.

BONUS: Schedule upcoming maintenance reminders, and view it on the dash board + Track equipment maintenance records and expenses.

Job Reporting in Real Time

There’s no room for guesswork when it comes to how a company’s resources are being utilized. Arborgold’s resource management software provides all the key numbers that show where a job stands. Job-costing reports that compare estimated time versus actual time provide a clear picture of how a business is running. This information is essential when it comes to understanding cost of labor, cost of materials and employee productivity. What happens if things aren’t running as smoothly as they could be? Arborgold’s job-costing reports will recommend new prices for future proposals that balance things out.

BONUS: Arborgold job costing reports recommend new prices for your next proposal when the system recognizes that your ‘actual time’ was more than the ‘estimated time’.

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Job cost reporting - Arborgold.com

Job Costing Made Simple

Job costing can seem like a full-time task if the right resources aren’t available. In fact, many business owners skip this step of service business resource management because it seems too boring or overwhelming. The unfortunate thing is that those business owners are missing out on the potential to optimize sales and operations. They may actually be walking away from valuable revenue without ever realizing it. No-nonsense, hassle-free job-costing tools from Arborgold put executive-level information at the fingertips of everyday business owners.

BONUS: Resource management software features are included in the mobile crew app! Crew leaders can clock in employees to record real-time time cards, add or adjust equipment as needed, and update jobs with additional inventory.

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