Intuitive, Money-Saving Job Scheduling Software for Landscapers

Arborgold does so much more than keep landscaping and lawn businesses organized and on task through smart scheduling solutions. This software actually helps companies save money by coordinating jobs based on location and distance.

arborgold Job example

Here's an example

You sell a fertilizing job with a spring and fall visit. One of these visits may not be scheduled for months. With arborgold, you can keep a single job with two services that can be managed and billed independently. The unscheduled service will remain in the list queue to be scheduled at a later date.


Manage Scheduled & Unscheduled Jobs

You can’t offer exceptional landscaping services until you have your scheduling landscape in order. That’s why it’s so important to have a tight plan for project scheduling in place when running a business that offers landscaping, lawn care or arbor services. Is it time to prune the way scheduling happens? Check out why the grass really is greener on the other side when it comes to switching to Arborgold’s scheduling software. Many owners of landscaping companies incorrectly assume that the CRM, invoicing or estimating systems they’re using are all that’s needed to schedule jobs.

The reality is that these systems often don’t come with the project-management tools or job scheduling software that’s necessary to create a seamless flow. That means that some details can fall through the cracks and clients could be left having to deal with mixed-up schedules and confusion. What’s more, a business could actually be losing money due to poor scheduling. Here’s why so many owners of service businesses who work in landscaping, lawn care and the arbor arts love Arborgold:

  • Users can drag and drop a whole day’s schedule in a few simple clicks.
  • All scheduled jobs are available via a mobile crew app.
  • Crew members will arrive when clients expect them.
  • Business owners save money on gas by using location-based scheduling solutions.
  • Multi-step jobs can be scheduled in one easy step.
  • Recurring jobs can be scheduled automatically.

Best Scheduling Software For Service Businesses

The problem with most organizational software for service businesses out there is that every task is treated the same. That means that scheduling a mowing session is no different than booking a consultation for landscape design. However, anyone who deals with landscaping knows that each task is wildly different.

Anyone who has used standard job-creating software programs in the past knows that these programs only allow users to schedule all services for one job on a specific date and with the same crew. There’s no ability to break things down and do ultra-specific scheduling. This can quickly turn into a logistical nightmare when trying to balance crew availability with client expectations. It’s all too easy to get wires crossed and end up with confusion.

Arborgold job scheduling

Creating a weekly schedule of jobs is undoubtedly one of the toughest tasks any business owner has to deal with. Arborgold’s software comes with a mapping tool that allows users to view unscheduled jobs on a map and groups them together on the same date based on location. That means that crew members can avoid covering countless miles and spending money unnecessarily on gas. What’s more, scheduling all of the jobs for the week can be done in minutes.

Special Tools For Recurring Jobs

Special Tools For Recurring Jobs

Why deal with the hassle of creating new jobs whenever a repeat client needs service? Arborgold makes it possible to set it and forget it when it comes to clients who request repeat services. Appointments can be set to repeat on daily, weekly, monthly or custom schedules. Recurring appointments can be managed using a simple calendar.

Intuitive Scheduling Software That Makes Sense

How can Arborgold help with follow-up service? This intuitive software is capable of automatically scheduling follow-up services for jobs that require it. That means that the software does the heavy lifting when it comes to remembering to schedule follow-up appointments for certain tasks and getting those appointments on the books.

Arborgold can be programmed to know which jobs automatically require follow-up appointments via the Arborgold Successor Service Scheduling feature. Subsequent multi-service work orders are automatically created when certain jobs are scheduled.

Intuitive Scheduling Software

Fewer Stops, Less Travel Time… Less Gas… Means Bigger Profit Margins.

Visual Maps
Schedule Efficiently With Visual Maps

When you’re trying to schedule a group of services, do you find yourself looking at a map, trying to coordinate multiple jobs into a single area?

What a PAIN in the neck! Arborgold’s job scheduling software offers a mapping tool that allows users to view unscheduled jobs on a map. Simply select which pins you’d like to schedule and in one click, you’ve grouped similar location jobs for the same date.

Find Closest Scheduled Jobs
Find Closest Scheduled Jobs

Gas ain’t cheap! Every mile on the road costs you and your teams time, money, and profits. When you’re looking to schedule a job on the “unscheduled list”, Arborgold’s intuitive mapping feature will show you other scheduled jobs in the area during that time frame. Arborgold job scheduling software makes it easy to book that service when you’re already in the area

More Reasons To Choose Arborgold

Rainy Day

Drag and drop a whole day’s schedule with only a couple of clicks (i.e. for that unprofitable rainy day)


You and your crews will thank you for keeping them out of heavy traffic!


Your customers will LOVE that you’re ALWAYS on time for their timed follow up services.


Scheduled and routed jobs are instantly available to Mobile Crew app!

Recurring Service Scheduling
Recurring Service Scheduling

Set it and forget it. For clients who have regular repeat services, Arborgold’s job scheduling software offers users the ability to set any service to reoccur daily, weekly, monthly or on a fixed schedule. Recurring services is easily managed from the calendar including complicated actions such as rescheduling single or multiple occurrences/events.

Successor Service Scheduling

There’s nothing sweeter than intuitive job scheduling software that automatically schedules a mandatory follow up service! With tens to thousands of these jobs, remembering to schedule these on time, every time, can be a challenge. Not any more. Arborgold’s Successor Service Scheduling feature allows you to create multi-service work orders that automatically follow each other when each service is completed.