Quickbooks Integration with Arborgold Software

It’s a tool that helps you manage all your invoices and expenses while pulling reports

to help you see the health of your company.

Quickbooks Integration with
Arborgold Software


There’s no debate—Quickbooks is the best system for small business accounting. It’s a tool that helps you manage all your invoices and expenses while pulling reports to help you see the health of your company. It’s easy to set up, easier to use, and keeps all the fine details in a single, easy-to-track place. Its reports are robust and customizable, helping provide you much of the financial data you need to make important day-to-day decisions.

Arborgold QuickBooks Accounting Software Integration How It Works

However, Quickbooks alone isn’t enough to run your lawncare, landscape, or tree care business. You also need a tool for bidding, schedule management, CAD drawings, client relationship management, marketing, and more.

Many lawncare, tree care, or landscape companies know this and have separate systems for business management and
accounting. However, this often leads to double-entry, wasted time, increased errors, and important information falling through the cracks. It also limits reporting.

At Arborgold, we believe your field service software should work with Quickbooks to improve your invoicing and payment
processing, tracking, and reporting.

How Does Quickbooks Work
with Arborgold Software?


An integration between your lawncare or landscape management tool and QuickBooks means it’s quick and easy to connect current contacts to existing projects and invoices, and to track what has been paid and when. It also eliminates double entry, saving time and money and reducing the risk of error.

Arborgold Integration with QuickBooks Accounting Software

Arborgold integrates with Quickbooks by making a quick, seamless transition from prospective customer to current client and
completed project to paid invoice.

What, exactly, does the Quickbooks integration with Arborgold allow you to do?

  • Generate invoices based on estimates or work orders
  • Add primary & secondary payment methods for customers
  • Customize invoice templates
  • Offer payment options through customer portal
  • Trigger batch payments
  • Pay individual invoices
  • Track pre-payments and installments
  • View failed invoices
  • Reconcile billing and G&A
  • Link inventory and supply chain management with financials
  • Easily track labor costs
  • Process payroll based on scheduling and job tracking
  • Prepare monthly accounting reports
  • Generate customized reports

Why is Integration
of Arborgold With
Quickbooks So Important?


Integrating Arborgold with Quickbooks is about more than simplifying your accounting process; it also helps save time and money reducing the risk of error.

Arborgold QuickBooks Accounting Software sync

Seamless Transition from Quote to Client

One of the main reasons you’ll love Arborgold’s Quickbooks integration is because of the seamless transition from quote to client. Automatically generate an invoice based on a quote or work order and send it directly to the client through email or by printing a hard copy. You can also submit the invoice to the client through their online customer portal. This means you don’t have to copy information from a bid or work order into your accounting software; the information transfers automatically!


Helps Eliminate Double-Entry

Any accounting department will tell you that eliminating double-entry is one of the most important ways to reduce error while saving time and money. Double-entry is the process of having to take information from one application (such as your bidding software) and replicating it in a second application (such as your accounting software).

While there are some cases where double-entry may be necessary—such as entering expenses from supply invoices—the more you minimize double-entry, the better. That’s because minimizing double-entry saves time in your accounting department (saving you money in labor costs), and also helps to eliminate the possibility for mistakes. It also saves time between generating a work order and invoicing the project, helping to reduce the payment time of your receivables and improving cash flow.


Produces More Robust Reporting

The health of your company ultimately depends on your finances (past, present, and future), but what you need to make strategic financial decisions is about so much more than that. Integrating Quickbooks with your landscape management software means you’re able to better attribute costs (such as labor and materials) to actual projects, view a more accurate cash flow, forecast more accurately based on your projected work pipeline, compare actual customer information to accounts receivable, and more.

This means you have better business data to help inform important, strategic decisions in your company.

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