Case Study: How Rainbow Tree Care Grew with Arborgold Software

Since 1976, Rainbow Treecare is the industry’s leading operator of tree care services and tree care sciences. Known as experts in tree infestations and diseases, Rainbow Treecare is committed the preservation of all trees and currently protects over 6,000 elms and ash tree within their extensive tree inventory.


“We look more polished and professional because we can submit proposals, invoices and updates through the app.”

— Ben Cooper, Rainbow Tree Care General Manager



Looking for Software with Robust Tree-Tracking Features

Ben Cooper, Rainbow Treecare General Manager wanted a sophisticated software tool that could replace the company’s legacy “home-grown” system. He explained, “We needed a software program that could accurately track the history of a tree, including all of the treatments and services provided by our consulting arborists for a period of time. There are many intervals in the life of a tree and this feature would enable us to quickly review the tree’s history so we can better manage the client’s property over the long term. It’s just like keeping a medical record on a patient, where everything is on the chart and easily accessible.”



Transitioning from a Home-Grown System to Arborgold

While attending TCI Expo, Ben took a second look at Arborgold’s all-in-one software system. “I was very impressed with how much their product had evolved since the last time that I had looked at it,” he said. Along with a variety of other state-of-the-art job management, project management, scheduling, and job costing features, most importantly, Arborgold had developed client plant and tree management features that would track each tree’s health history, which is exactly what Rainbow Treecare needed. Once they signed on to use Arborgold’s platform, from estimates and proposals to billing and invoicing, Rainbow fully transitioned from their legacy software to Arborgold, mastering all of the app’s robust capabilities.



Elevating the Tree Care Industry and the Professional Arborists

According to Ben, Arborgold has created the industry’s gold standard for software to support companies like Rainbow Treecare. It has benefited the company’s salespeople, known as Consulting Arborists, by streamlining their mobility and efficiency. “We look more polished and professional because we can submit proposals, invoices and updates through the app,” he said. He added that the team can quickly schedule hundreds of jobs and communicate with customers about follow-up and scheduling with the push of a button. “Automation is built into the system and customers can even pay through the platform. And, of course, we love the tree management feature that attracted us to the company in the first place!”

As a final note, Ben praised the Arborgold organization for being committed to innovating and developing products that elevate the profession of arboriculture. “When we have ideas for improving their product, they hear us and listen to us,” he said. “Our industry is a small niche but it’s important and we’re passionate about it. Arborgold has a great tool that offers a great experience for our employees and our customers.”