Arborgold Premium includes the features from Arborgold Sprout and Arborgold Entrepreneur, while additional features that improve the business intelligence of your company through better job costing, inventory management, and client relationships. Learn more about the features that help take your business to the next level.

Business intelligence is all about using data to improve the performance of your business. Arborgold Premium helps improve job costing to help you improve profits, manage inventory to help improve cash flow management, and improve year-over-year client retention to help you increase revenues.

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Arborgold Premium Features Job Costing


Most business finance experts will tell you that the profitability of a job begins before the job ever starts. The most important part of profitability for a landscape, lawn care, or tree care company starts with accurate and strategic job costing to maximize profits.

With the Arborgold job costing tool, business owners can eliminate profit guesswork, double-entry, and prone-to-error calculations, for a faster more accurate job costing process.

Using the Arborgold job costing tool, estimators can use stored costs for equipment, employees, inventory, and more to generate a more accurate project estimate—faster. Business owners can also access detailed job costing reports for at any time for any work order for improved business intelligence and profitability analysis.


Inventory management becomes easier than ever with the streamlined plant and tree inventory tool available in the Arborgold Premium landscape management software. With the addition of this feature, inventory is integrated with project proposals and work orders so you can see at a glance what’s available and better anticipate current and future needs. You can also view historical data for your business or for specific jobs or clients to proactively upsell clients or move stale inventory.

This not only helps to better track which inventory is being used and to better handle inventory ordering and management, but it also helps improve business intelligence to minimize the time your landscape company holds inventory.

Arborgold Premium Tree Inventory Management Software
Arborgold Premium Customer Portal


With the customer portal in the Arborgold premium landscape management software, business owners can quickly send and approve project proposals while improving communication between the client and home office.

With the customer portal, customers can view upcoming and completed appointments, unpaid invoices, or can submit a payment online. This also allows customers to view and approve project proposals.


Most landscape, tree care, and lawn care companies understand the importance of repeat customers. However many companies don’t have the tools or resources to better manage the pre-season renewal process of reaching out the previous customers to get them on the current year’s schedule.

This is why the batch renewal feature of the Arborgold Premium landscape management software is so valuable to landscape, lawn care, and tree care companies. With this tool, business owners can easily generate email or hard copies en masse to previous customers to remind them to get on the schedule for the season. In addition, business owners can use the batch renewals to offer discounts and deadlines to help incentivize customers to schedule service faster.

Landscape business owners can send email communications to all previous customers with email addresses on file, then can generate a printed version for the remaining clients. The batch renewal feature also allows landscape business owners to update prices or encourage clients to add on additional services.

Arborgold Premium Tree Care Software Renewals
Arborgold Premium Tree Care Invoice Templates


Elevate the professionalism of your proposals and invoices with custom templates. While Arborgold Sprout and Entrepreneur landscape management software offer standard templates for estimates, invoices, and proposals, Arborgold Premium allows detailed customization.

Customize colors, artwork, logos, certification images, customer reviews, and more for a more beautiful, brand-aligned product.