Arborgold makes Renewals and Cross-selling Easy

Renewing and cross-selling in your lawn care, tree care, or landscaping
business is integral to growing your company.

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Renewal & Cross-Selling


Renewing and cross-selling in your lawn care, tree care, or landscaping business is integral to growing your company. Not only does an effective renewal and cross-selling system help you maximize your revenues, but it also improves profits by reducing client acquisition costs.

The Arborgold renewal and cross-selling platforms help you maximize your existing clients in a simple, effective way by
helping you generate bulk contracts, emails, and cover letters in just a few clicks. Simply:

  • Choose which clients you’d like to contact by filtering by service type or date

  • Choose batch updates such as price changes or service additions

  • Use the automated tool to send personalized ready-to-sign contracts. You may choose to include cover letters, discounts, deadlines, and more.

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What is the
Arborgold Contract Renewal System?


Renewing existing clients year after year can feel time-intensive—especially when you’re modifying contracts with price increases, policy changes, or other updates. Arborgold’s Renewals Feature can save landscape, lawn care, and tree care companies thousands of hours of editing and updating to renew existing customers through the automated contract renewal system.

In just a few clicks, you can:

  • Select and mass-update contracts according to service type, agreement structure, etc.

  • Replicate previous years’ contracts with updated dates and service times

  • Automatically prepare updated ready-to-sign contracts for email or print

  • Email automated personalized renewal letters and contracts to your customers

  • Print bulk contracts to mail to clients

  • Set contracts to auto-renew and send straight to work-orders

  • Include cover letters, discounts, and deadlines

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Arborgold Client
Cross-Selling Platform


Cross-selling is the art of increasing your service commitment with an existing client by adding services, increasing the frequency of services, or upselling a one-time client to a renewing service contract. For instance, you can cross-sell weekly lawn mowing customers by asking if they’d like to add on seasonal fertilizing and/or pest control application or offer to add tree care customers to your lawn aerating schedule.

It is 7X easier to sell a new client an existing service than it is to sell services to a prospective client. In fact, cross-selling to existing clients alone can increase revenues as much as 10-30%.

Here’s how it works:

The Arborgold client cross-selling platform makes it easier than ever to cross-sell to existing clients.

  • Filter existing clients by current services (include and exclude services based on your goals), agreement types (recurring/one-time), and last date of service.

  • Create an automated marketing campaign to your segmented client list. Try including steps such as sending an automated email, voice broadcasts, and text messages.

  • Automatically generate and send personalized ready-to-sign contracts to add the additional service (can send via email or print to send via mail).

Why is a Contract Renewal &
Cross-Selling System Important?


If you do not currently have a system for renewing contracts with previous clients and cross-selling existing clients, you’re not only wasting money; you’re also letting a goldmine go to waste.

Business experts know that renewing existing customers is integral to business success. This is because the cost of acquiring a new customer can be 5X more expensive than retaining an existing customer. In addition, new customers are more difficult to sell than existing customers.

  • Acquiring a new customer costs as much as 5X more than retaining an existing client.

  • Increasing customer retention by just 5% can increase profits over 25% (some business experts say it can increase profits as much as 95%).

  • The success rate of selling to existing clients is 60-70% while selling to a new lead is 5-20%.

An inaccurate assumption many landscape, lawn care, or tree care companies make is that their customers will return to them year after year without the company having to reach out on their own. However, if you analyze your churn numbers (how frequently customers leave and don’t return) you’ll probably be surprised.

Instead of leaving renewals and cross-selling to chance, take control of your revenues and client maximization with Arborgold.

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