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Take your lawn care, tree care, or landscape business to the next level with improved business management, exceptional professionalism, and strategic integrations

Arborgold Ultimate is our most robust service business management software, with all of the essential business tools from Arborgold Sprout, advanced management tools from Arborgold Entrepreneur and Premium, and Ultimate features like dynamic proposals and supply chain management to take your business to the next level.

Below are some of the additional features of Arborgold Ultimate that help you manage your service company better.

Arborgold Tree Care Business Software Premium Tour

Dynamic Proposal

Dynamic proposals are an interactive, virtual flip-book proposal with high-quality images, colors, click-to-open shadow boxes, and more. Contracts can be signed and submitted virtually, making it easier than ever to land the work. Save on printing costs while providing a high-quality proposal that’s sure to impress.

With the dynamic proposal tool, you can truly stand out from your competition with a professional “virtual brochure” proposal. These proposals have a stunning design, robust information, and an impressive layout.

Automated Follow-Up

Improving your proposal follow-up process is a tried and true way to close more deals. In fact, research shows that you can close up to 81% more sales by following up with prospects at least five times. What would your business look like if you were closing 81% more sales?

Following up five times after sending a proposal can be time-consuming, which is why Arborgold Ultimate automates the process for you. Send an automatic thank you email after you send a proposal and short, personalized follow-ups after that by using Arborgold’s automation tools. Follow up emails will automatically stop when you move a lead from prospect to “in progress,” so you never have to worry about reaching out to contacts you’ve already closed.


Supply Chain Management

While supply management isn’t usually necessary for small operations, the increased complexity of landscape companies with more than a few estimators and suppliers makes supply chain management a necessity.

This tool helps you improve your inventory process by improving visibility and tracking, generating better reporting to show how long you’re holding on to inventory, predicting inventory needs and seasonal fluctuations, tracking vendor costs, and keeping an eye on outstanding orders.

Project Management

The Project Management tool in Arborgold helps to improve the way you handle one-time, recurring, or multi-day projects. This tool can help your crews stay on time and on budget while providing your accounting, management, and customer service departments with up-to-the-minute information about a project’s progress.

  • Define projects with different scheduling patterns, crews, materials, and more.
  • View detailed visual reports that show pending, scheduled, and completed line items.
  • Track crew’s direct and indirect costs including travel time, labor time, overtime to simplify payroll.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is a powerful tool not only for closing more leads but also for generating renewals. Use email marketing and voice messaging to reach out to multiple clients at the click of a button. New leads can be automatically added to reach-out campaigns to schedule an estimate, current prospects can be contacted to follow up on outstanding proposals, and previous customers can be contacted with incentives or special pricing. Even current customers can be upsold with thoughtful add-on services or seasonal needs.

By using a marketing automation tool that’s integrated with your service business management tool, you’re ensuring no contact falls through the cracks and that any communication is tracked within your client records. It also helps improve the process of taking a lead to a prospect, a prospect to client, and client to lifetime customer.

3rd Party Integration

Integrate important resources like Google Calendar, text messaging, credit card processing, voice messaging, QuickBooks, and more! This helps streamline your business by helping manage all of your essential business tools in one place. It also simplifies the integration of scheduling to calendaring, client work orders to invoicing, credit card payments to reporting, and more.

lawn care business software integration with quickbooks

QuickBooks Desktop Sync

Sync customers, invoices, expenses, and payments to QuickBooks for a more streamlined accounting process. Save time and money while reducing error and improving tracking and reporting.

The Arborgold QuickBooks integration helps your business run more smoothly by eliminating the need for double-entry and improving the integration between client proposals and information to actual payments. This gives you better insight into cash flow, job costing, and accounts receivable while improving business data for more informed strategic decisions.

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