Resource Management Software with Job Costing

Sales do NOT equal profit, dollar for dollar. It comes from sales minus costs.

When you’re bidding any job, you need resource management software to keep track of variables such as employees, equipment and inventory.

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Can I track employee, equipment and inventory? Yes. It’s included!

Gone are the days of paper scheduling and accidental double bookings. No need for additional resource management software. Arborgold makes managing resources and tracking job cost painless and efficient, all in one software program. It’s always time to get your equipment and workforce out on the road making money as often as possible.

BONUS: Quickly search for jobs to schedule by resources required.

Employee Resource Management

Employees are your best asset and most expensive tool. Arborgold’s employee feature allows you to store and keep track of employee hourly pay, and hourly costs (including FICA, FUTA, SUTA, Workman’s Comp, etc). Hourly costs are tracked against production, for accurate job costs and profitability.
BONUS: Pre-assign employees to a ‘crew’ or directly to a job at the time of service.

SUPER BONUS: Employee time reports show actual payroll time versus productive time on jobs.

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Inventory Resource Management

As a lawn care, landscape or tree service company, your ability to use your inventory means dollars to your bottom line. With Arborgold, as you use chemicals, plant materials, mulch, etc. at job sites, each item is tracked for quantity and cost so it’s ready for that upcoming invoice. You can customize unit measurements! So if you use gallons, ounces, pallet, pounds, Arborgold’s resource management software has you covered.

BONUS: Receive inventory and maintain inventory counts. As you update your job cost, Arborgold knows exactly how much you have on hand and can alert you before you run out.

Equipment Resource Management

As one of your largest financial investments, your equipment can be the lifeline to getting the job done. For many lawn care, landscape, and tree service pros, tracking the maintenance costs, direct revenues, indirect costs, and direct hourly costs can be a challenge. Using Arborgold’s equipment tracking module, store information including, mileage, VIN#, manufacturer, and manufacture phone #.
BONUS: Schedule upcoming maintenance reminders, and view it on the dash board.
SUPER BONUS: Track equipment maintenance records and expenses.

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Powerful Job Reporting

Do you like to see the numbers? With Arborgold, you can analyze your business with advanced job costing reports that evaluate ‘estimated time’ vs. ‘actual time’. Get a firm handle on employee productivity with easy-to-understand cost of labor, materials and equipment reports.

BONUS: Arborgold job costing reports recommend new prices for your next proposal when the system recognizes that your ‘actual time’ was more than the ‘estimated time’.

Job Costing Made Simple

One of the biggest reasons companies don’t use resource management software is because job costing is laborious and honestly…quite boring! Problem is, it’s one of the most mission critical functions of your sales and ops teams.
That’s why in Arborgold we’ve focused on making job costing easier.

Pre-assign equipment and inventory resources to services

Speed up the estimate and job costing process by creating service packages that include inventory and equipment.

Pre-assign employees to crews

Speed up job costing by pre-assigning employees to crews instead of adding human resources one-by-one.

BONUS: Resource management software features are included in the mobile crew app! Crew leaders can clock in employees to record real-time time cards, add or adjust equipment as needed, and update jobs with additional inventory.

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