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“The #1 reason that clients say they choose us is because of our responsiveness. Our fast turnaround on bidding and estimating gives us an edge, and we couldn’t do it without Arborgold...”

— Matthew Gragg, NuView President & CEO



Upgrading the Software Technology

In early 2014, Greenbriar Landscape challenged Vice President of Operations Matthew Gragg with the responsibility of improving the company’s bottom line without increasing overall headcount. At the time, this landscaping and lawn maintenance company located in Tennessee were using antiquated desktop scheduling and billing software that couldn’t communicate with the field.

In order for the company to improve its agility and profitability. Matthew knew it was time to upgrade to cloud-based technology. Their wish list included a variety of features and flexibility that could speed up their bidding process, automate bid follow-up, improve scheduling capacity, reduce travel time, provide real-time job costing analysis, and improve overall customer service with real-time communication between the office and the field.

“Arborgold has helped our company make smarter decisions on jobcosting and pricing, which has had a huge impact on our profitability.”



Revamp Pricing for Profitability & Boost Responsiveness

While attending the Green Industry Expo in Louisville, Ky., in 2013, Matthew was on the lookout for a new software system that could be adapted for the turf care and lawn maintenance category. After watching a demo of Arborgold Software for a tree service company, he knew that Arborgold’s technology was the answer for Greenbriar and, ultimately, for NuView Lawn Pros, which he spun off from Greenbriar in 2016. Top priorities upon partnering with Arborgold were building the CRM database, cataloguing information and conducting a thorough review and revamp of pricing/profitability structures for more accurate job costing. Matthew and his team have accessed all of Arborgold’s tools and interfaces to create bids and estimates, follow up promptly with potential clients and elevate the company’s overall professionalism.



Increased Profit Margins, Revenues, and Financial Health

Since launching Arborgold Software in 2014, profit margins have soared from 3% to 20%. When clients submit a request for proposal by entering all information and measurements into the Arborgold app, Matthew is confident in the accuracy of the bid that is generated within an hour through the app’s realtime Mobile Estimator function. He appreciates that Arborgold’s development team embraces suggestions regarding design changes to fit the lawn care industry so that the software can easily scale along with NuView Lawn Pros as it continues to grow. Also, he credits Arborgold for helping his company establish and build upon a healthy financial foundation.

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