Land Measurement Estimating Tool

Build your winning bid with accurate property dimensions
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Accurate Off-Site Estimating Made Simple


Measuring property square footage for a landscaping bid can be complicated and is rarely accurate. Whether you traditionally walk lines with a measuring wheel, create a sketch based on manually measuring different parts of the property, or—worse—guess, the Arborgold land measurement tool will transform your land measurement process forever.

Arborgold’s online land measurement tool provides square footage measurements of a property in just a few clicks.

Use the land measurement tool to:

  • Save time measuring during on-site bids.

  • Improve accuracy of land square footage calculations.

  • Auto-calculate bids based on measurements.

  • Predict material needs such as sod, mulch, pavers, and more.

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How It Works


When you’re bidding a project, land measurement can be one of the most complicated and time-consuming parts of generating the bid. However, Arborgold simplifies the process with their simple online drag-and-drop land measurement feature.

Arborgold uses satellite imagery, the Google Maps API, and a calculative algorithm to provide square footage measurements that can be used in custom bid calculations.

Here’s how it works:

  • Enter the property address and Arborgold will provide an overhead satellite image.

  • Highlight the areas to be included in the bid and label them as needed (lawn, paver patio, mulch beds, driveway, etc.)

  • Using the Google Maps API and measurement algorithm, Arborgold will automatically calculate the measurement of each type of area.

  • These custom measurements can be used to auto-calculate bids based on sliding scales, quantities, difficulty factors, etc.

Why Use It?


Save Time. In any service-based business, time is money. Arborgold’s land measurement tool saves time during on-site bids by reducing (or eliminating) the amount of on-site measurement required to bid a job.

Improve Accuracy. The profitability of your business depends on having accurate measurements for supplies, crew management, and more. Using this digital land measurement tool, you help to reduce human error by tapping into the powerful Google Maps API and measurement algorithms for more accurate, automated calculations.

Customize to Fit Your Business. We know that every business is different which is why you have the ability to customize measurement labels to reflect your services, products, or calculation needs. Detail labels such as paver patios, driveways, flowerbeds, lawns, and more. When you click and drag to highlight an area you can choose which label to apply for accurate measurement.

Auto-Calculate Bids. Arborgold’s bidding software is one of the most powerful tools offered to your landscape, lawn care, or tree care company. Using this software, you can auto-generate bids that include price breakdowns for supplies, shrubs, labor, and more. Arborgold’s land measurement tool integrates with the bidding software to auto-calculate prices based on square footage.

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