Arborgold makes it easy for Lawn Care, Landscape and Tree Service companies, every step of the way.

Complete customer and job management, from proposal to invoice. Easy to learn. Easy to use. Easy to implement.

With easy-to-use, efficient sales and operations modules designed to help you sell more products and services, improve invoicing to increase cash flow, while reducing overhead costs.

Optimize & Organize

  • All phone message and appointments entered are immediately available to sales reps in the field
  • Just one click to organize all of your jobs in the best possible route/order showing your crews the fastest way to each job site. It’s an easy way to save time, money and gas
  • Filter unscheduled work by area, type, equipment, inventory
  • Visualize unscheduled work on map, select and schedule
How It Works: Optimize and Organize With Smart Routing
How It Works: Arborgold Organizes Your Accounts

Eliminate Double Entry

Simplify invoicing, cash receipts, and statements, and sync to QuickBooks with no double entry issues

Manage jobs and services from one screen

  • Auto scheduling of services for various crews on different dates
  • Bill services either together or separately
  • Duplicate a job with just one click or email
How It Works: Manage jobs and services from one screen
Marketing Simplified | Generate Renewals For Landscape

Marketing Simplified

Shorten your sales cycle and close more sales that would have otherwise been lost.

  • Automate renewals and pre-pay letters for repeat services
  • Automated follow up emails for jobs in proposal status and thank you letters for accepted jobs
  • Automatic emails to sales reps to remind them to follow up with customers a set number of days after each proposal
  • Create/export mailing and emailing lists based on multiple criteria
  • Complete built-in email correspondence to reduce or eliminate paper, printing, and postage costs
  • Opens and click-throughs are tracked so you know which customers are actually opening and reading your emails

Job Costing

  • Tracks all of your direct job costs including employees, equipment, and inventory so that you can easily see each jobs profitability
  • Generate crew productivity reports and see which crews are under or over performing
  • Improve job pricing accuracy with analysis of salesperson’s estimated time versus actual time on job
How It Works: Job Costing with Hour Variance Reporting
Customer Portal | Unique Customer Dashboard

Customer Portal

A unique Customer Portal on your website allows your customers to:

  • Make payments by check or credit card
  • View account balance information
  • View and approve proposals
  • View job history and jobs in progress


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Mobile Estimates – onsite and available to the office in real-time.

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Time Tracking. Paperless Work Orders. Resource Usage Tracking.

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Fast Recurring and Unscheduled Work.

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