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Simplifying Logistics-Tree Management Software

Simplifying Logistics

Running in business isn’t easy, if it were everybody would be doing it. For most of us who run lawn care businesses, it seems almost as if we have two jobs. On one hand, we have the physical labor which most of us enjoy. The smell of the dirt, the feeling of accomplishment on a “job well done”. Yet always lurking nearby we have office work, logistics, marketing and so on.

What most lawn care business owners don’t know is that there are ways to simplify your logistics.  Probably one of the most important ones being “Tree Management Software”.

How Tree Management Software helps

One of the biggest “hidden costs” in any business usually comes down to human error and logging. People get tired, they forget, they misfile, they double book and much more. While it might be an honest mistake, the fact of the matter is that you are still stuck with the bill at the end of the day.

Tree Management Software allows you to significantly reduce the possibility of human error because it has mobile support and functions in the “cloud”.

Cloud Benefits

Now your employees can have a cost analyzer on a tablet that is connected to the “cloud”. Let’s say that a new customer decided on what work they would like done. Your employee simply fills in the details right there on location and the information is automatically updated in the cloud.

This cuts the “telephone effect” out of the equation. In other words, it cuts out the possibility of double logging, forgetting to log altogether and updates all areas that need to be updated.

If tools are needed, the software will be able to see what you have in stock, what crews are available, which crews are nearest and so on.

More importantly, every field crew has access to the same information creating flawless communication between all the different elements of your business.

Is it costly?

Some people think that ‘good software’ means ‘big price tag’ but to be honest, with the advancement of technology the price of software has decreased significantly. Think of it this way, if you didn’t have the software you would probably have to hire someone to do all that work for you. This means salary, benefits, insurance, taxes and much more.

Software comes at quantifiable price tag. It won’t get tired; it won’t charge more the more work it does. No insurance, no benefits just the price of the software…that’s it. Moreover, if anything ever goes wrong, you have tech support.

The smartest business move!

If you are truly in the business of making money you should strongly consider Tree Management Software not only because it will make your business more efficient, but also because it will keep your books up to date in real time.

Landscaping is a tough industry and we can use any edge we can get our hands on. Tree management software is an edge so sharp you might get cut just looking at it. Give your business the edge it deserves and get your hands on some tree management software today!

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