Arborgold Competitor Comparison

Not all business software is built the same. Here’s why Arborgold Competitors don’t always match up, feature by feature.

You may find one or more of these features inside your competitor field service software, but for your single subscription price, Arborgold includes all of the below.

Whether you’re doing a large installation or you’re working in conjunction with other vendors for hardscape and pools, a landscape design can put your company out in front when sending a visual message with your proposal. But not all landscape companies have a seasoned artist who can put a design on paper, with colored pencil.

This is where Arborgold’s integrated CAD landscape tool comes in. With thousands of tree, plant, shrub, and hardscape materials, creating a unique landscape design can happen in just a couple of minutes.

Be aware… Not all Arborgold Competitors have a landscape design tool. View our design tool overview or grab your CAD tool login for free here.

When you’re looking at Arborgold Competitors and you’re a lawn care, plant healthcare, and tree care companies who wants to create accurate estimates or bids by square footage based on their customer’s property site, be aware, you might miss out on Arborgold’s Land Measurement estimating tool. 

Using the power of Google’s mapping technology, users can dial into a property line and quickly measure total square footage in one or two clicks.

From there, setup Arborgold to auto-price your estimates based on measurements and service types.

Designed for green industry field-service companies who generate estimates on the go. Arborgold’s price-cost calculator means you’re creating accurate estimates based on a service type or square footage selection.

Create bids in record time that include important line items such as materials, labor, equipment, that include overhead or other indirect costs.

For landscape, lawn care, and tree care companies, carrying inventory can reduce your overall profits. With Arborgold’s inventory management features, you’re optimizing purchase orders and increasing material inventory velocity by using what you have, and knowing what’s needed for any job at any time.

In addition, you’re able to track vendor relationships, upcoming purchases, and review historical purchase orders so you can see and understand how much and how often you’re buying materials.

Finally, Arborgold Supply Chain allows you to track vendor rates so you can make the best decision for important things such as bulk buying vs. bulk storing.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could see a historical report of each or all of your clients’ treatments, health check-ins, and growth progress with notes and photos while you’re on or off your client site?

With Arborgold’s tree inventory management system, tracking your client assets is at your fingertips.

As an added benefit, with tree inventory, you can proactively upsell services based on inventory type and auto-price/job cost treatment applications in one or two clicks.

Take a quick look at how we stand up to our competitors on Capterra

Say goodbye to limitations! It’s true. Many companies want to put their personal touch on their invoices, estimates, and email marketing. Arborgold competitors already know. With Arborgold, creating your custom invoicing and estimate templates is simple.

Add company logos, adjust colors to be in line with your branding, add certification images, customer reviews, and much more.

For many busy businesses, we spend our days keeping up with the operational flow. The majority of employees are wearing multiple hats. You crew supervisors are project leads, business owners may also be a salesperson, or senior management is running job costing and profitability.

The one thing they all have in common is the need for important information, fast.

With Arborgold’s business intelligence dashboards, you have access to statistics and analysis that makes sense so you can run your business efficiency and profitably. In addition, every Arborgold program suite comes fully equipped with over 250 standard financial and operational reports.

Successful businesses increase their client list by generating accurate bids, quickly, and efficiently. Arborgold’s estimating features, whether you’re creating quotes from your office or from Arborgold’s Mobile Estimator, mobile app, you’re able to bid by:

  • Unit Quantity
  • Hourly
  • Service Type
  • Labor Resource Type
  • Time & Material by Service Type
  • Time & Material by Labor Resource Type
  • Service Tiered Pricing and Sliding Scales
  • Custom Pricing

Whether you’re in plant healthcare, lawn care, tree care, or landscape, Arborgold provides you with estimating tools designed to auto-price bids in just a couple clicks, add multiple service options and upsells within your quotes, and include property photos or drawings within each bid.

At the heart of our operations, is scheduling. It’s no secret that the more jobs you can put on the calendar, the more money you’ll make. But there’s a fine line to “scheduling tight” vs. “overbooking”.

With Arborgold’s smart scheduling assistant, the moment you quote or create your estimate, you can drag and drop the job or jobs inside your group calendar based on the following conditions:

  1. By Territory/Location
  2. By Crew
  3. By Service Type
  4. By Last Service Date
  5. Equipment Requirements

In addition, Arborgold’s industry-leading scheduling tool allows you to schedule a variety of different work order types including:

    1. Successor Scheduling
    2. Multi-day
    3. Single Day
    4. Recurring/On-Going
    5. Individual
    6. Project Scheduling

Learn more about how Arborgold mirrors your current workflow by scheduling your personal walkthrough here.

The best way Tree care, lawn care, plant healthcare, and landscape companies can keep clients happy, is to organize and streamline large installations or maintenance jobs with project management.

With Arborgold’s project management module, you’re overseeing:

  • Different scheduling patterns
  • Preparing material supply
  • Accessing visual reports on various stages of work status
  • Tracking direct and indirect costs
  • Combining a series of service schedules, whether they’re one-time, multi-day, or recurring into a single workflow.

To stay in business, you need to generate income. When you know, accurately, what each job or project is going to cost including time, resources, and material, plus overhead, you’re running your business outside of the red.

With Arborgold’s Job Costing features, your employee, service, and material costs are stored and used to report back profitability on each work order.

The benefits of job costing means at any time given time including during the estimating phase, production phase, or post job phase, you’re can review your price vs. cost variance.It doesn’t matter how big your lawn care, landscape, tree care, plant health care, or snow removal business is, there’s always a reason to access information on the go.

Whether you’re a:

  • Salesperson or estimator looking for contact info, tracking appointments, or creating bids in the field
  • Crew supervisor, clocking in staff, updating projects with progress photos, documenting chemical use, or billing on-site.
  • Business owner or senior leadership professional looking for revenue or job costing reports by client, project, or date.

Arborgold delivers information to your internet enabled devices, where and when you need it most.