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What makes Arborgold Sprout different than other green industry business management software programs?

With Arborgold Sprout’s cloud-based contact relationship management software (CRM), you’re now storing, securely sharing, and tracking history on leads and customers, accessible from anywhere you have internet, even your tablet.

Contacts, Appointments & Call Center

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Contact Management (CRM)

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Customer Relationship Management is a BIG word. But it doesn’t have to be complicated. Whether you’re a company of 1 or 1000, implementing a cloud-based CRM system can make a HUGE difference in your productivity, everywhere in your business.

Every person that comes into contact with your company is a potential for new business. As a vendor, staying in touch can result in referrals. As a lead, there’s new business on the horizon. And as a customer, you’re looking for long-time loyalty, referrals, and repeat business.



  • Track lead source to calculate Marketing ROI.
  • Store multiple job sites per customer.
  • Use custom tags to make contact searches easy.
  • Automatically track bid, job, and service call history in one place.
  • Create additional internal notes for you and your team to use as references.


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Message Center

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When you’re in business to make money, every inbound call counts. Maybe the phone rings with a new lead looking for a quote, or an existing customer has a question.

Either way, there’s money sitting there waiting for you on the end of that phone line.

Here’s the cool thing. Arborgold Sprout’s Messaging and Phone Center means you’re NEVER losing track of one single inbound call.

Appointments & Calendar

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In small business… productivity is a MUST. Let’s face it… The more information you have retype and re-enter, the less you’re selling and finishing any job.

There’s where Arborgold Sprout comes in. Sprout’s appointment center makes appointment and job scheduling simple. With Sprout, you get a seamless connection between the Sprout messaging center AND Google Calendar.

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So when it’s time to create a bid on-site...

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With Sprout, accountability comes standard without duplicate data entry.

Starting as low as $59/mo

With Arborgold Sprout, in just a couple of clicks you're:

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  • Taking a Sprout phone message and dropping into your Sprout calendar that viewable by your entire team, large or small.
  • You’re syncing that new appointment with your Google Calendar.
  • You’re creating history at the contact record for you and your team’s review at any time.
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