Sales is somewhere between 80…85 percent, because we’re getting to ‘em quicker.

The system is so friendly to work with that I’m able to take care of people quicker, faster, and more efficiently because I don’t have to come back to the office and pick up a piece of paper. Arborgold saves you money. I know that our closing ratio on sales is somewhere between 80…85 percent, because we’re getting to ‘em quicker. That’s a big deal.

Doug Graves, Glass Tree Care and Spray Service

Things run a lot more smoothly.

We’ve been using it for a little over a year now and it’s great. It does half my job for me. Prior to Arborgold work orders were made up in templates on Excel. All that stuff is already programmed into their program. Things run a lot more smoothly. It’s easier for everybody in the office to stay connected. It helps throughout the whole company to keep track of everybody and how they’re doing and see where we can make improvements.

Desiree, Advantage Landscape Hawaii

The best part is the customer service.

The software has tons of potential. I feel like I don’t use it to its fullest but the parts I use, the accounting, proposal writing and tracking features are wonderful.

The best part is the customer service. They are right there to help when you have an issue or just need to fix a small problem. They are knowledgeable, pleasant and willing to help in a timely fashion!

Denise Buck, Office Manager, Northern Arboriculture


Nicole Austin, First Choice Tree Work

Everything connects to our iPads, it makes things a lot easier. The system works and it’s designed for exactly what we do. You can’t get much easier than what they offer.

It has a lot of nice features that you don’t find in other systems. The cad tool where they can do the design of the layout and have everything detailed for people who may need to view things or the customer.

Everything is connected with QuickBooks and you can process everything under one account. It all just seems to flow very well.

Everything is pretty well self-explanatory. Any time I’ve had any issues I’ve never had it last longer than 24 hours before it was fixed.

Stacy Pearson, Business Manager, Nick’s Tree Service, Inc

-At the click of a button we can retrieve all customer data and know where they are in their sales and service cycle. No more redundant typing, saving and attaching of proposals and invoices because we click a button and they are sent directly to the customer.
-Arborgold’s system analytics have helped us make solid business decisions based on any number of variables we can now track. For example, we now know our sales closing ratios, business peaks and valleys, we know to-the-penny what each form of advertising netted us, our salesmen access and create bids mobility and we can utilize AG for our marketing efforts as well. That’s just scratching the surface.
-Arborgold’s customer service is exemplary. Their team members are quite knowledgeable and are very responsive. At any given time I may have ongoing email conversations with various team specialists regarding a question I have, a decision I’m trying to make, an analytic I need, a request for software development, design help, etc. In addition to being able to call if I need something immediate, my favorite form of support in being able to submit a tech-ticket that allows my concern to be addressed by the expert on that subject. That is a tremendous strength.
-We are most pleased with Arborgold, the software, and most especially, Arborgold the company. As we evolve, they evolve with us. That is very powerful in today’s competitive business environment. I would like to publicly thank their team for serving us and making us look better than an office that’s run by “Two Grandma’s and a Computer!”

Kevin Jones, President, Jones Tree & Lawn, Inc.

We have made the switch from the PC based Arborgold to the Cloud based Arborgold. Any time you are forced out of your comfort zone into the unknown involves a learning curve and pain. However, after talking with the Arborgold creator I realize now that this change was inevitable based on where technology is today. Let me say with all honesty that the staff of Arborgold has been working tirelessly with us every step of the way in the training process and retrofitting the program to do all of the tasks we used it for in the past. Hopefully, the more familiar we become working within the program the “ease of use” rating will go up. I commend the Arborgold staff for their timely response and professionalism.

Allison Martin, CFO, Summer Lawns, Inc

If you’re looking for a full CRM software, that’s specific to the Green Industry, Arborgold is the answer.
There are several software providers out there, that perhaps know how to write software, but none of them actually know anything about the Green Industry. Most of what we found was a generic “any kind of service company” software, but all service industries and their corresponding challenges are a little different. Arborgold knows our industry from years of practical hands on experience in the Green Industry, and it really does show in how it functions.

If you want to take your business to the next level, and can’t seem to do it on your own, you NEED Arborgold.

– Are you tired of spending money to generate leads to get the phone to ring, to only lose the message and forget to call them back?
– Do you need help following up on bids you gave to a customer? How about automatically following up with them, without you having to remember to do it?
– Do you want to give your customers the ability to pay you instantly without having to call your office to make a payment?
– Do you struggle with trying to schedule your production and work orders? t find anywhere else that writes and supports software.

Denise Buck, Office Manager, Northern Arboriculture

The software has tons of potential. I feel like I don’t use it to its fullest but the parts I use, the accounting, proposal writing and tracking features are wonderful.

The best part is the customer service. They are right there to help when you have an issue or just need to fix a small problem. They are knowledgeable, pleasant and willing to help in a timely fashion!

Mike Haskell, Owner, Plant Solutions

This is my third year using Arborgold Cloud version. Everything from managing the customer phone call, bidding, scheduling, management, and marketing is included. The bidding and scheduling features help me manage the wide range of services our company offers – lawn care, landscaping and tree services. I use both the mobile estimator and the mobile crew apps too. They are always improving the product and the customer support is excellent.

Michelle Myers, Founder, My Virtual Paige, LLC

My business and entire staff work exclusively on ArborGold every day managing over 15 tree care and landscape businesses. ArborGold provides a seamless and intuitive tool for both my employees and the businesses which we serve. I have personally on-boarded dozens of owners, estimators and support staff, making ArborGold the foundation upon which their businesses continue to grow!
Contact me if you need admin support or answering services as you move your business to this great software solution!

Arborgold cloud version software

Doug Graves, General Manager, Glass Tree Care and Spray Service Inc.

In the electronic age we are in this software is the ticket. Visiting potential clients and providing them instant proposals is key to closing sales from our viewpoint. I feel we close a higher percentage than our previous software company. I use mobile estimator and crew. Both work very well. There have been some glitches that we have worked through and will continue to work through. This is a highly developed program working with computers. We are satisfied with the system and would advise other companies to give these developers a shot at your business.


Fast Facts

Employees: 10
Years in Business: 11
Location: Apex, NC
Customer Since: 2012

CS Tree Services, INC


Chris Baley and Steve Kurtz are owners of CS Tree Services, Inc. Founded in 2003, CS Tree Services is a steady growing tree care business based out of Apex, North Carolina. The company currently employs 10 full time employees. Services provided to customers include removals, stump grinding and plant health care.


Chris purchased the Arborgold Windows version in the spring of 2012. His home office computer was configured as the web server so that he could use the mobile estimator app on his iPad in the field. Trying to maintain his own server in his home office was challenging; making sure it was up all the time, backups, and storage space to name a few. Another challenge for CS Tree Services was staffing a receptionist to answer calls and have access to the home office computer to manage the database.


In March of 2013, CS Tree Services’ database was moved from the desktop version to Arborgold. With Arborgold, their employees were able to work from virtually anywhere; making it easier to segment work from the receptionist to sales. CS Tree Services hired Michelle Brenn from My Virtual Paige based out of Fairfax Virginia to answer his phone lines, enter his messages, schedule appointments, and help with the database management in the Arborgold. This freed Chris and his partner Steve Kurtz to focus on sales.


Arborgold has simplified the management of information with integrated messaging, proposals, work orders, and calendars. Chris and Steve receive their phone messages on their iPads in real time; they generate an estimate on-site and email or print it for the customer before they leave the property. They no longer have to come back at night and deal with paperwork and getting estimates out. With the ability to include a landscape map, individual service pictures and insurance certificates, their proposals are more informative to the customer while looking more impressive than handwritten bids.


Fast Facts

Employees: 12
Years in Business: 38
Location: Ashburn, VA
Customer Since: 2006

Growing Earth Tree Care


Growing Earth Tree Care was founded in 1976 and purchased by the current owners, Paul and his brother Jim Martin, in 1992. They provide both residential and commercial tree care, tree cutting, and tree removal services. Their customer base consists of Ashburn, Virginia and the surrounding region including Fairfax, Reston, McLean, Great Falls, and Arlington. They are an award winning Tree Preservation Company and are dedicated to promoting healthy trees for a healthy environment. They have one of the highest ratios of ISA certified arborists in the industry


Growing Earth Tree Care needed a better way to keep track of their customers and follow up on proposals. They had used other programs, but didn’t find them user friendly. “The biggest obstacle was to find software that was user friendly so that the arborists in the field could create an estimate that would be easy to make and at the same time be presented well to the client” says owner Paul Martin.


Arborgold and mobile access gave Paul the user friendly software he had been looking for to keep track of his customers and automate his business. “It automates so many things. We are able to do automatic emails and it is amazing how many people have confirmed the work from emails,” says Martin


“If Arborgold didn’t exist we would be sunk,” says Martin. “It saves both time and money. The automated follow up saves us a lot of time and does things that we simply couldn’t do before. It’s not just that it saves time, it’s that things are actually getting done.” With Arborgold, Growing Earth has found a software company who always strives to lead the way in technology. “I love technology and Arborgold always seems to be on the cusp of things,” Says Martin

Angela Toelle, Office Administrator, Eden Tree Pros

The Users Conference gave me the opportunity to meet the people from Arborgold and see first-hand their commitment to providing a product that meets the needs of the users. They took the time to listen to my concerns and helped me work through some issues I was having. I went home excited to use what I learned at the conference.

Joshua Malik, President, Joshua Tree

I have been a customer of Arborgold for many years. I was struggling with a quality Software Program to assist in client management and this product has done just that. The folks at AG really supply a product that focuses on making business better. They are continually updating the software to make new features available to their clients. Considering I have been with them for several years, I feel confident I will be with them for several more. Thanks to the entire Team at Arborgold

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