How To Manage Recurring Services With Landscape Business Software

Recurring services. They are at once the bane, and the boon, of any landscaping company. While we all love recurring contracts and their tendency to increase and stabilize your income, they come with one serious downside–especially if you’re not using landscape business software:


Unlike one-off services, recurring services require you to plan out your work–sometimes up to several months in advance. This can involve spending hours in front of the calendar, mapping out routes to job sites, assigning services to team members, and generally doing a lot of work on the computer.

We all love the predictable income that comes with recurring revenue. But with job scheduling taking up so much time, that extra revenue comes at a cost.

But what if there was a better way to manage recurring services?

A faster, easier, more efficient way–without all the time spent in front of spreadsheets and calendars?

A way to automate and streamline your job scheduling, so that it doesn’t have to take up so much of your time?

If you could automate your job scheduling, it would transform the way you do business. No longer would you need to spend hours in front of calendars, maps and spreadsheets. Instead, you could focus on the parts of your business that you love: growing your company and doing great work for your clients.

In this article, we’ll look at a few ways that you can automate and streamline job scheduling at your business, using landscape business software. We’ll explore how new technologies have made it possible to streamline everything–from job scheduling to job routing. Finally, we’ll show you how Arborgold lets you do all this–and so much more–in one convenient package.

But first, we need to talk about the most important aspect of managing recurring services:

Dividing Every Month’s Work Into services


landscape business software

Arborgold Cloud Landscape Business Software

Every job breaks down into a set of services: mowing lawns, cutting trees, trimming bushes. But with recurring jobs, those services can be spread out over months or even years.

When scheduling these types of jobs, it’s crucial to define the services that you will complete on each date.

There are two types of services here: recurring and one-time.

Even on a recurring contract you’ll occasionally have one-time services that come up. These should be scheduled in a way that lets you complete the job most efficiently.

For example, if you estimate that a set of services will take 4 days of total work time to complete, and your client needs them done in one month, then it would make sense to divide the services into 4 days, spaced a week apart. Alternatively, you could schedule it for 4 consecutive days, 4 days spread over two weeks–or any other schedule that makes sense.

Recurring services (like lawn mowing or hedge trimming) are comparatively straightforward. These, of course, are scheduled to occur on a set pattern: once a week, once a month, once a quarter, etc. With landscape business software, you can actually schedule these services automatically, without having to enter them into a calendar–as will be explained shortly.

Use Landscape Business Software to Plan Your Services


landscape business scheduling software

Landscape Business Software should ALWAYS come with the ability to schedule recurring services

Having an an automated calendar can do wonders for scheduling. Simply enter your services on the calendar, and you’ll receive notifications before the date when a service needs to be completed.

With landscape business software, like Arborgold, you can set recurring services so they keep occurring on the same date indefinitely, so you don’t need to manually reschedule them. This is leaps and bounds ahead of traditional offline calendars, which require you to manually check the calendar every day to see what work services you have coming up. Read our recent reviews on Capterra here.

Group Nearby Jobs On The Same Date


Arborgold Service Scheduling Software Features

One great strategy for recurring services is to group jobs in a set area for the same date. For example, let’s say you have 3 jobs set to take place in New York, and another two in New Jersey. Instead of running around from location to location, simply schedule the jobs so that the ones in the same area, fall on the same date. This allows you to save time (in the form of traveling and mapping out routes) as well as money (in the form of gas and other transportation expenses).

Of course, sometimes clients will have specific needs that conflict with this, but it never hurts to suggest a date to your clients when it makes life easier for you.

Use Successor Services


How to schedule Landscape Company Successor Services

Arborgold makes successor scheduling simple with intuitive calendar features.

Very often, in the landscaping business, completing one service means setting up another one. In the past, this meant heading back to the calendar and re-drafting your schedule. But not anymore. With Arborgold’s successor services feature, you can plan out a schedule for a set of services and have each one scheduled automatically when the previous one is complete. As soon as one service is marked complete, the other ones will be auto-populated in the calendar on pre-set intervals.

For example, let’s say you’re doing lawn spraying over a 5-service cycle. Using the Successor Service Scheduling feature, you could setup each cycle so that when one service is completed, the next service is automatically scheduled and assigned to the same crew on the same route/time, exactly x number of days or weeks after the predeceding service is completed. It completely eliminates the need to enter anything into a calendar manually.

Use Job Routing Software


Landscape business software google map features can help with job routing

Arborgold’s premier job routing features help users keep costs and travel time low while maximizing work day performance

Last but not least, job routing software can save you some serious time and money when it comes to job scheduling. Arborgold’s job routing software can conveniently map out a day’s worth of work in the most efficient order. For example, if you need to do 3 services in a single day, the software will automatically calculate which route and ordering for the jobs will result in the least amount of driving time. This results in less time spent on the road, as well as less time mapping out routes beforehand.

The Arborgold landscape business software suite comes with a ton of great features for managing and running your landscaping business. From job scheduling tools like job routing and automated scheduling, to accounting tools like billing and invoices, Arborgold has everything you need to run your business. Much more than just a CRM, it’s the one and only piece of landscape business software you’ll ever need.

Learn more about how Arborgold can help your business with smart, intuitive job scheduling and cost efficient routing here.

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