Integrated Credit Card Processing

Take Payments Safely and Securely

Arborgold includes an integrated payment method so that you can take payments directly in the office. Businesses can now receive ACH (check)/Credit/Debit Card Payments. With one click of a button the funds will be available within 24 hours, and reconciled automatically inside of Arborgold and can be sent to QuickBooks.

All customer payment information is encrypted and not stored, transmitted, or processed anywhere at the business. This significantly lessens your risk when taking payments.

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Or Contact

Ben Marlowe
800-774-6462 x 6073

No Manual Reconciliation

  • No longer manually enter check/credit/debit card payments from Card/Check Reader/Arborgold/Accounting Package
  • With one click, process all banking transactions inside of Arborgold and have real time reporting
  • Less work with redundant workflow issues.
  • Reduced errors with syncing of proper charge amount on the account provided.


  • Since customer information is encrypted and not stored, transmitted, or processed anywhere at the business. Your company is at significantly less risk.

Price Guarantee

  • Our promise to all of our valued customer’s is that you will not pay anything extra for this service than what you are already paying to your bank. Essentially this is a FREE service.
    • No Contracts
    • No Gateway Fees
    • No minimum’s
  • If we can’t match your current pricing plan we will send you a $50 Visa Gift Card just for trying.

More Revenue

  • With the Gold Offers, and Giving gold programs your businesses will now see more customers walking through the door. Here at Arborgold we not only have the ability to improve your work flow, but we also promise to bring you new customers.
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