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How To Choose The Best Landscape Business Software For Your Company

Every business owner wants their company to grow.

If you're currently in the process of launching your landscape business, you probably dream about massive growth (and massive profits).

But, any seasoned owner will tell you to make sure you don't grow so quickly that you can't keep up.

In fact, we recently talked about how to know if you're growing too quickly and what to do about it. In that post we mentioned that automation is essential to managing your growth.

So, how do you know what to look for in a software solution?

The best landscape business software will have these key features:

Customer Management Tools

As a landscape company, you and/or your crews are always on the move. Going from job-to-job, and quote-to-quote. Having access to customer information anywhere, on any device (smartphone, Tablet device…etc) is critical to keep jobs from slipping through the cracks.

Job Management Solutions

The ability for you and/or your crews to respond to jobs in real time is huge. In fact, just by streamlining your productivity, you'll save costs and increase profits.

You may find you don't need to hire a new employee, or invest in more equipment. The ability to prioritize jobs may completely transform your efficiency.

Phone Call and Appointment Management

Here's a scenario that might be familiar.

Lets say you visit a potential customer to give a quote and leave a written copy of the quote with them.

They accidentally throw the quote in the garbage. They call the main business number with a question about the quote but the receptionist can't find anything about the quote and says he/she will have to track down who gave the customer the quote.

It's highly unlikely this potential customer will buy at this point.

This entire scenario could've been avoided if all the phone messages and appointment files were stored in the potential customer's records using the phone call and appointment management tools in the software.

Work Scheduling

To prevent inefficiencies, you need the ability to schedule jobs based on multiple criteria like service type, service category, zip code…etc.

A good work scheduling tool will also allow you to group jobs. So, if one crew is in a certain area, they’ll be able to tackle those jobs without wasting trips to other areas.

Invoicing and Accounts Receivable Tools

This is where it can get messy. Damaged or missing paperwork can turn into a financial nightmare in a hurry if you're not organized, especially if you're trying to enter and keep track of pre-payments, process batch invoices, and tie it all into Quickbooks or another accounting software.

Job Costing

You're well acquainted with all the factors that go into costing a job. Variables like estimated time vs. actual time, projected equipment needed, start and stop times for various services are all made MUCH easier with landscape business software.


This is a biggy.

What if you could send automated sales emails to potential customers who obtained a quote but didn't buy? You would create more customers simply by following back up with people.

Another plus to having marketing tools as part of your software, is the ability to follow up with existing customers. Remember, it's much easier to get an existing customer to buy again than it is to acquire a new customer.

The ability to use email to cross-sell and up-sell to customers is a money generator.

Mobile Friendly

Virtually everyone carries a smartphone these days. Imagine how much time (and headache) you'd save by having the ability to manage everything from your smartphone.

A good software will be mobile friendly.

Customer Portal

If a customer had a question about whether or not they paid for their previous service, how would you be able to confirm payment for them?

With a customer portal, you can view a customer's payment history, update the status of a job, and more.

Using a quality landscape business software gives you, as the business owner, peace of mind knowing that everything is organized and easily manageable, and gives your customers peace of mind and greater confidence in your company.

We built Arborgold software with all of these features in mind. Want to know more about Arborgold? Click here to schedule a live demo.

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