Arborgold Software Integration with QuickBooks Desktop and Online

Quickbooks is a great accounting program, but it falls short of meeting the management needs of the green industry. Unlike QuickBooks, Arborgold was written specifically for tree, lawn and landscape companies. It takes customer management to the highest level. Arborgold will handle all of your invoicing, cash receipts, and statements.  At the end of the day, you can post all the invoices and payment to QuickBooks. You can produce the same QuickBooks accounting reports for income statements and balance sheets, plus you get the important features in Arborgold that will increase your bottom line.

Arborgold integrates with Google Calendars

Appointments scheduled in the Phone Center synchronize to the assigned sales representative’s Google calendar.  Information that is sent to Google calendar include:  customer’s name, address, phone number and message.  Jobs that are scheduled to crews with a Google calendar can also synchronize job name, job site and service details.

Integrated Credit Card Processing

Make collecting payments a breeze! With the new Arborgold credit processing feature, customers can make credit card payments directly through your business website or Customer Portal.  Customers can click the “Make A Payment” button to securely enter their credit card information.   Customer can select the job, invoice, and the amount they would like to pay. Just like that, the funds will be available for you with in 24 hours. You can also key in credit card payments from customers that call or email in their payment.

  • Accept payments online
  • No application or set-up fees
  • No need to purchase or lease costly credit card terminals
  • Free comparison of rates and processing fees
  • Accept checks electronically

Voice Broadcast Integration*

Arborgold offers an integrated voice broadcast tool to help you communicate with your client base via phone. This integration makes it easy for you to not only pass messages to your customers, but market your services to them as well!  Sending voice messages to your customers is easy.

Ways you can utilize our voice broadcast software:
  • As a marketing tool to notify customers of a special offer your company is running
  • As a follow-up tool to call customers who haven’t returned their proposal
  • To set yourself apart from the competition by offering a call-ahead service to notify customers of a scheduled service
  • As a collections tool to call customers who have an outstanding bill to remind them to send in their payment

*Requires a Twillio account

SMS Messaging Integration*

Arborgold offers built-in SMS integration to instant text phone messages to sales reps. With one click you can send the sales rep a phone message that details the customer name, address and message.

With Arborgolds marketing assistant you can filter and send targeted SMS messages to your customers!

*Requires a Twillio account

Integrated Email Marketing*

With Arborgold built-in email marketing  you can easily send a broadcast email to all your customers or a targeted customer list! No need to export a list to another emailing program.

Use the integrated broadcast email to send:

  • Invoices in Batch
  • Proposals in Batch
  • Newsletters
  • Monthly Specials
  • Notification Regarding Services
  • Thank Yous
  • Follow Ups

*Requires a Elastic Email account.